Bug #3209

ecogrid SearchRegistryAction error when disconnected from network

Added by Daniel Crawl over 12 years ago. Updated about 12 years ago.

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About 30 seconds after starting kepler with no network connection, a long error
message is displayed, starting with:

[java] ERROR ( problem looking up registry entries using endpoint:

Most likely caused by the fix for 3124.


#1 Updated by ben leinfelder over 12 years ago

sounds like some error catching is in order. should there be an alert using MessageHandler (attack of the pop up window!) or should it just log the error and move on with life?

#2 Updated by Daniel Crawl over 12 years ago

I'd say show an alert when something is trying to use a data source, e.g. the ecogrid actor. Otherwise, ignore it.

#3 Updated by ben leinfelder over 12 years ago

added messagehandler error reporting when the services registry is not available.
if, on start up, there is an error accessing the registry, an alert is shown (in kepler gui mode, at least).

#4 Updated by Daniel Crawl about 12 years ago

I'm reopening this since the error window now occurs regardless of any data sources actually being used (either the Data tab or ecogrid actors).

This seems low priority so could be re-targeted to 1.1.

#5 Updated by Chad Berkley about 12 years ago

retarget to 1.1

#6 Updated by Jing Tao about 12 years ago

The short term solution is just removing the error message. Kepler will keep silent if it couldn't connect to the registry.

The long term solution is assigned to bug 3228.

#7 Updated by Jing Tao about 12 years ago

Remove the error message panel and decrease debug level from error to warn in src/org/ecoinformatics/seek/ecogrid/ class. Now if kepler couldn't contact registry because of network disconnection and it will keep silence.

#8 Updated by Redmine Admin over 7 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 3209

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