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Bug #6102: actor classes not saved properly in KAR files
Bug #6175: GenericJobSubmission actor sometimes runs job without completing data transfer.
Bug #5120: Provide a toggle for automatic updates
Bug #6167: Model Context Menu should have the enableBackwardTypeInference choice
Bug #3172: windows mouse wheel doesn't scroll canvas
Bug #3931: Get the R actor working with JNI
Bug #3973: Additional information for 64-bit users installing 1.0.0
Bug #4010: RExpression2 - tracking for backwards compatibility
Bug #4012: update documentation to explain adding actor to library via KAR
Bug #4040: make a new module called globus to host globus actors and needed packages.
Bug #4048: Get error message when too much code in single R actor
Bug #4049: Import actor that already exists appends strange numbering scheme
Bug #4056: create developer documentation for svn configuration.
Bug #4057: UserInteractiveShell message
Bug #4087: No reset/x button to clear component searches
Bug #4095: Java Package Ontology (e.g. to facilitate Ptolemy component access)
Bug #4097: here are some new svg icons for actors
Bug #4104: Need resource manager to handle objects in the resources directories
Bug #4112: make kepler use OSX dialog boxes
Bug #4113: Kepler changes property position in XML but keeps values
Bug #4132: Workflow Run Manager - Open in New Window is just opening the workflow, not the ROML or report
Bug #4139: port names are displayed twice
Bug #4153: report-overrides
Bug #4162: using the alt key makes menus appear in strange places on OSX
Bug #4168: User documentation creates bloat in workflows
Bug #4203: use port parameters in web service actors
Bug #4216: Problems with the File to Array converter
Bug #4219: "Kepler Repositories" should be retrieved from the registry
Bug #4246: Reorganize code in util, core and gui modules
Bug #4260: Add a test suite for the build system
Bug #4268: RExpression output ports search entire search path for objects to export
Bug #4273: Ctrl+E operates on mouse position, not selection
Bug #4281: ant update produces message about running svn cleanup
Bug #4285: workflow canvas does not repack to fill empty space when top window is resized
Bug #4287: Separate user error messages from developer error messages.
Bug #4288: Develop GUI error handling strategy.
Bug #4289: Develop strategy for using assertions in the GUI
Bug #4290: Separate the GUI from the execution engine.
Bug #4291: The main menu bar should not change based on the location of focus.
Bug #4292: Menu items should display the same icon as buttons with the same functionality.
Bug #4293: Run, Pause, and Stop should be in the menu, not just the toolbar.
Bug #4294: Kepler should meet established accessibility guidelines.
Bug #4295: Create advanced toolbar support.
Bug #4296: All open Kepler windows should be visible from a Window menu item.
Bug #4298: The GUI should sensibly support internalization.
Bug #4299: Kepler needs to be evaluated to determine when native (AWT) widgets would be preferable to Swing widgets.
Bug #4300: Animate at Runtime" checkbox stays checked when director is replaced
Bug #4310: ValueListeners receive valueChanged events when values have not changed
Bug #4323: Add the "send to back" menu to kepler
Bug #4328: change-to command checks out across branches
Bug #4339: build system needs to provide more information on modules
Bug #4341: rearrange the actors module into smaller modules
Bug #4354: Enable the build system to work on multiple SCM systems.
Bug #4358: variable setter seems to lock Kepler in the wrapping up stage of a workflow
Bug #4360: Kepler gets slow under XP
Bug #4371: pipe highlighting under "Animate at Runtime"
Bug #4404: DataTurbine actor - instantiating actor without internet gives error msg
Bug #4407: RExpression problems with named non-numeric vectors
Bug #4429: EML 2 Dataset requires File Extension Filter parameter
Bug #4431: Export Archive actions should share code where possible
Bug #4434: Workflow Run Manager - add ability to hide/show columns
Bug #4458: test for moving kepler directory
Bug #4478: Configuring ports
Bug #4519: SDF Director cannot schedule when composite actor input port is disconnected
Bug #4532: have to manually click Build to rename repositories
Bug #4549: String Replace actor "remembers" previous execution values
Bug #4561: icon overlays not showing up for actors in the components tree
Bug #4564: Model Reference throws error with workflows in the same folder, but still functions
Bug #4577: integrate, and separate from save/export, the code for Uploading
Bug #4584: CacheManager.getObject(KeplerLSID lsid) returns an object with the wrong LSID
Bug #4589: Workflow Run Manager - tagging causes row(s) to unhighlight
Bug #4591: ImageJ creating folders based on file paths from prior executions saved in the MOML
Bug #4604: Make aesthetic changes to tagging interface
Bug #4613: EML 2 Dataset automatically updating to latest package doesn't trigger "workflow change"
Bug #4639: add support for -Drev to ant change-to
Bug #4642: memory usage & slowdowns
Bug #4667: New documentation on modules and extension points for modules
Bug #4674: WorkflowRunManager search cells are catching tab keys wherever they occur
Bug #4699: Reminder Bug Update FAQ to reflect Kepler 2.0 release
Bug #4700: Reminder Update Wiki information to reflect Kepler 2.0 release.
Bug #4706: support provenance in master-slave 2.0
Bug #4735: Allow params to be passed to ConfigurationManager from the command line
Bug #4736: RFE speed up Suggest Similar Components feature
Bug #4740: Create Ontology_Catalog sql table in the CORE persistent database
Bug #4749: run google earth within kepler gui
Bug #4783: Standardize workflow parsing to get parameters
Bug #4785: move cache object from 1.0 to 2.0
Bug #4801: out of memory
Bug #4811: No "Get Metadata" item on right-click menu after dragging an EML actor to the canvas
Bug #4829: User log4j files
Bug #4859: GDALTranslate does not work on Windows 7 (64bit)
Bug #4869: changes made to workflows during dialogs before committing (Edit Parameters/Cancel)
Bug #4876: RExpression - recursively handle arrays
Bug #4883: Need more command line options for kar files
Bug #4908: actor/director/attribute .xml file documentation needs to be updated
Bug #4919: tag removal sends two tagRemoved events through provenance
Bug #4920: dynamically change toolbar buttons
Bug #4953: Remote Components category sticks around sometimes
Bug #4978: Create additional 'module' property for any menu entries that are inserted by non-core modules
Bug #5018: Items with the same LSID show with the same name in the Components Library
Bug #5030: RExpression2 actor will fail if the libs are not found
Bug #5045: Add a menu to add and configure new remote kepler servers
Bug #5048: Can't clean (or do other build system operations) offline
Bug #5067: The introduction of basic services so that module names are not referenced.
Bug #5068: Investigate jars (why they are necessary) and upgrade whenever possible.
Bug #5069: The ability to create user manuals from a wiki that is continuously updated.
Bug #5075: Fix the module manager so it can show docs with any name.
Bug #5076: Minimize the number of files downloaded from the Ptolemy repository.
Bug #5081: A system for adding and removing GUI menus.
Bug #5129: adding and removing configuration properties could be made easier
Bug #5153: Save As... closes all windows associated with a workflow
Bug #5155: To exclude a file or directory requires updating at least four places, only one should be necessary
Bug #5170: uploading a workflow requires a refresh
Bug #5173: Develop clear criteria for when code in Kepler CORE should be in its own module.
Bug #5249: test kepler for memory leaks
Bug #5276: component search performance is poor
Bug #5281: cannot open 1.0 KARs
Bug #5290: originModule not always set
Bug #5333: 2.2 rc3: getenv("") doesn't work for mac installation.
Feature #5343: Add optional Console view
Bug #5354: Integrate Kepler Wiki Into Kepler Help
Bug #5444: Kepler can't run workflow if two instances exist at same time
Bug #5510: On Ubuntu, Kepler can disappear from the dock while still running
Bug #5577: EML 2 Dataset actor EML File and Data File parameters should accept URLs
Bug #5581: Make UI improvements to Components Download
Bug #5586: Get newest version of local files in EML actor
Bug #5590: RExpression forces pdf if 'automatically show graphics' is checked
Feature #5626: interacting with to know the status and other information in batch-mode.
Bug #5627: List all possible port types in actor Types drop down list
Bug #5645: kar uploading should need user account.
Bug #5646: Switching some of the add-on modules to core
Bug #5652: Geon Scp and spa Ssh2Exec have duplicate code.
Bug #5664: Check for duplicate code
Feature #5666: Build system needs a target to build all common or blessed non-core modules
Bug #5682: ontology classes require unique label
Bug #5687: investigate alternatives to workflow versioning
Bug #5689: remove configs/.../configuration.xml override
Bug #5691: parameter choices are not saved
Bug #5699: Change the workflow scheduler server documentation link in the workflow-scheduler-gui module
Bug #5715: Actor Reference documentation
Bug #5760: saving xml to existing file asks twice on mac
Bug #1143: need SAS actor
Bug #1548: consolidating data access user interfaces
Bug #1587: Define and implement EcoGrid "dataQuery" method
Bug #1655: DIALOGS: Implement New UI for Sources Dialog (was "integrate ecogrid registry into kepler ecogrid client")
Bug #1749: Global toggle for port name display
Bug #1884: Enable drag and drop of ports and relations
Bug #1890: Add query builder to generic db actor
Bug #1911: Provide real-time feedback/animation for workflow progress as a default
Bug #1914: Implement the 'most recently used' concept for workflows and actors
Bug #1915: Define a published interface for a semantic search service
Bug #1916: Implement semantic search for data and actors in local files
Bug #1917: Design and implement workflow semantic type check.
Bug #1918: Search based on the semantic annotation of an actor's port
Bug #1919: choose language for semantic annotations in kepler archives
Bug #1920: Search based on semantic annotations of a dataset's attributes
Bug #1921: Define the Kepler GUI components required for semantic mediation in Kepler
Bug #1922: Develop strategies for GUI extenstions for the semantics stuff
Bug #1923: Develop ontologies; engage KR group
Bug #1981: Extend database query actor to handle datatypes
Bug #1997: Support Getting Metadata for Darwin Core search result item
Bug #2005: associate an visual text annotation with a specific actor
Bug #2011: MENUS: Context Menus - Add Cut/Copy/Paste to all right click popup menus
Bug #2012: Incorporate combo boxes with pick lists in as many places as possible to minimize user typing and provide knowledge of acceptable choices
Bug #2015: Provide more meaningful error messages
Bug #2024: provide natural language summary of workflow
Bug #2027: provide ability to assign checkpoints in the workflow
Bug #2028: provide ability to easily visualize data at various places in workflow
Bug #2029: consider guided analysis wizard
Bug #2033: provide indication of actor compatibility
Bug #2036: provide different levels of turning displaying annotations
Bug #2056: Port labels appear 'twice' when DataSource actor added
Bug #2104: add concept search for data
Bug #2105: add taxon concept search for data
Bug #2106: allow user to save search results
Bug #2109: make double-click open composite actor
Bug #2113: provide mechanism for saving queries
Bug #2116: alert user when new ontology is available
Bug #2117: mechanism for user to query for semantically compatible actors
Bug #2118: allow users to create units based on units in current ontology
Bug #2119: create user guide to ontologies for ecologists
Bug #2120: add visual indicators for non-annotated ports
Bug #2121: add features to support structural incompatibility
Bug #2122: add features to support semantic incompatiblity
Bug #2129: Data sources' schema attribute should not be stored in MoML
Bug #2133: Need ability to update data searches
Bug #2140: need dataset extraction WF for documentation/example purposes
Bug #2225: EML parser does not handle attribute list reference
Bug #2230: EML actor doesn't handle footer line in data file
Bug #2241: {de-}serialize semantic annotations to and from EML
Bug #2245: TRACKING: Batik SVG Rendering - remaining tasks
Bug #2246: TOOLBAR: status on opening workflows and blank frames
Bug #2247: TRACKING: Popup Dialog Changes
Bug #2249: Need to support a useful subset of PHYLIP (PHYlogeny Inference Package)
Bug #2250: Need documentation for collection-oriented workflow approach
Bug #2251: Need to document how to use Kepler for phylogenetics
Bug #2257: DIALOGS: Implement New Workflow Dialog
Bug #2258: DIALOGS: Implement New Director Dialog
Bug #2259: DIALOGS: Implement New Actor Dialog
Bug #2260: DIALOGS: Implement New "Advanced Search for Components" Dialog
Bug #2261: DIALOGS: Implement New "Advanced Search for Data" Dialog
Bug #2262: DIALOGS: Implement New "Search Ecogrid for Component Sources" Dialog
Bug #2263: DIALOGS: Implement New "Search Ecogrid for Data Sources" Dialog
Bug #2264: DIALOGS: Implement New "Semantic Annotation" Dialog
Bug #2265: Simple Kepler features movie to be displayed at the 1st time installation
Bug #2270: TRACKING: Localization and Improvement of User-Visible Messaging Strings
Bug #2271: Changing the Color Scheme
Bug #2302: Problem unzipping hierarchical data
Bug #2307: Mac OSX code missing for several JNI actors
Bug #2324: SVG - old-style icon still displayed for certain actors
Bug #2337: TRACKING - MENUS: Top-Level Menu Revision
Bug #2338: TRACKING - MENUS: pop-up context menu revision
Bug #2342: MENUS: Top-Level Menu - some toolbar buttons showing text
Bug #2348: Rewrite disk based GIS code for speed increase
Bug #2349: Actors should have preconditions to test for long runs
Bug #2359: enable/disable menu items and toolbar items as appropriate
Bug #2362: DataSourceIcon: use new SVG Icons dynamically, instead of drawing icon
Bug #2367: MENUS: Context Menus - Additional context menu designs needed
Bug #2382: Documentation kar does not appear in actor tree
Bug #2388: Incorporating the SRB actors with the gsi authentication framework
Bug #2393: Need ability to disable 'add port' to actors where not supported
Bug #2397: TOOLTIPS: dual screen setup - tooltip sometimes shown on wrong screen
Bug #2400: Need ability to set parameter ranges and relationships.
Bug #2410: need feature in UI for users to assign icon to an actor
Bug #2414: Opening a preexisting model should open in a blank viewer
Bug #2416: ICONS: Tracking bug - Rearranging and regenerating icons
Bug #2445: DataSource: add code to assign & display new raster thumbnail Icons for search results list
Bug #2446: ICONS: Handle missing thumbnails elegantly
Bug #2449: Animate at Runtime... action only partially works
Bug #2450: consider better mechanism for navigating multi-level workflow
Bug #2451: consider providing data-centric/data management feature in Kepler
Bug #2452: consider providing management console for workflow engineer
Bug #2459: Need for actor/attribute that detects OS/executables
Bug #2494: Problem with Microsoft zip extractor and Kepler zip
Bug #2509: FSM & Modal Model Menu selections do not work
Bug #2562: add unit info to eml2Data source actor
Bug #2570: port's context menu should contain renaming
Bug #2672: actor search term should be trimmed + searching with multiple terms
Bug #2828: Actor names inconsistent
Bug #2895: Distributed Execution Tracking Bug
Bug #2921: Way to temporarily comment out actors or connections
Bug #2963: Add data structure for tabular data and associated metadata
Bug #2987: Kepler Library (actor repository) Issues
Bug #2989: Changes in actor ontology does not cause the actor library to rebuild
Bug #2990: file|open dialog should open in workflows directory
Bug #2997: Icons stop working after using kepler for a while
Bug #3028: Need for new IPCC/Hydro1K data (and metadata) on EarthGrid
Bug #3038: Save in Library Dialog problem with default Category
Bug #3062: Need ASC grid Utilities actor
Bug #3066: actor sdk
Bug #3095: add data mining actors (weka) and cheminformatics actors
Bug #3106: Out of memory while opening all demos, is -Xss5m or SVG the problem?
Bug #3116: Web page rendering needs to be made w3c compliant
Bug #3143: dataFrame_R cache problem under parallels
Bug #3149: cannot add arbitrary jars when exporting archive
Bug #3152: Use EcoGridServicesController with EcoGridWriter actor
Bug #3158: RBNBToKepler actors need to timeout more quickly
Bug #3160: RBNBToKepler actors should work within SDF, PN and DDF
Bug #3161: progress meter when downloading data with RBNBToKepler actors
Bug #3183: Return/Enter does not select default button in dialog boxes
Bug #3187: RExpression actor does not share focus
Bug #3189: CommandLineExec needs ability to kill spawned process
Bug #3192: behavior of documentation actor
Bug #3194: add actors to support Sun Grid
Bug #3204: Kepler should have FSM examples
Bug #3205: gdalTranslate actor crashes on bad format and won't work with all gdal formats
Bug #3208: consolidate matlab actors
Bug #3210: add netCDF support to Kepler
Bug #3220: "Save" from TextEditor interferes with workflow save-before-closing prompt
Bug #3221: offset new windows
Bug #3222: save new workflow template
Bug #3223: interactive graphics in R
Bug #3226: Eval: subplots from RExpression overly condensed
Bug #3228: Kepler need a central place to handle network disconnection
Bug #3230: Matrix Viewer actor does not accept RExpression matrices
Bug #3231: 3-way table output (multiway cross tabulation actor?)
Bug #3235: Add an Edit, Select All menu item and respective accelerator
Bug #3265: ascToRaw needs more error handling
Bug #3266: ENM/GARP_MultipleSpecies-V.xml problems
Bug #3275: EML200DataSource interface
Bug #3278: Search result count is inflated when using both KNB sources ([un]authenticated)
Bug #3290: DarwinCore_test workflow takes forever to downloading data
Bug #3291: IPCC_ChangeNightlyBuildTest got an exception
Bug #3292: ENM/GDAL_h1K_NS workflow giving an exception
Bug #3295: Python/Ptolemnizer welcome text does not display
Bug #3333: "configure actor" dialog box changes after "documentation->display"
Bug #3361: parameters lose their Display Name when copy and pasted
Bug #3388: error running simihofi.xml workflow in Kepler 1.0.0
Bug #3392: Need scrollbars in Documentation > Customize Documentation window
Bug #3407: reset debugging windows, add timestamps
Bug #3408: create icon for DDF Boolean Select
Bug #3440: add Up and Down buttons to change port order on an actor
Bug #3531: Save As dialog inconsistent between linux and mac
Bug #3539: wierd behaviors of port parameter
Bug #3546: Automatically load trace for a completed run into the provenance browser
Bug #3552: Annotation elements in trace file do not appear in details pane of provenance browser
Bug #3555: enhancements to Trace File view in provenance browser
Bug #3557: Provide data dependency graph view in provenance browser
Bug #3558: Store each workflow run trace in it's own directory
Bug #3559: month field in trace file name is off by one
Bug #3560: Color-code contents of CollectionDisplay
Bug #3566: order collection contents displayed in provenance browser?
Bug #3568: support for writing COMAD-style trace files from the Provenance Recorder
Bug #3573: Support for importing file contents automatically using CollectionSource
Bug #3574: Support for importing directory contents using CollectionSource
Bug #3575: A representation of COMAD collections on the file-system
Bug #3576: support for accessing cascading metadata from within CompositeCoactor
Bug #3577: FilterUI actor has problems
Bug #3578: optimize timing of data download by EML and other data source actors
Bug #3585: Provide API for creating output files during a workflow run
Bug #3595: Exporting an actor should prompt user to semantically annotate it if it's not already
Bug #3652: Ensure all Provenance Recording Types record the same things
Bug #3655: create a Workflow Run Manager with ability to export Publication Ready Archives
Bug #3668: Define contents of "Publication Ready Archive"
Bug #3671: Configurable workspace directory for holding workflows, data, and run products
Bug #3693: MultiInstanceComposite actor deadlocks sometimes
Bug #3694: Sharing installation among users fails, users must have write permission
Bug #3705: some actor icons don't denote that they are a composite
Bug #3706: Add "Open the container" toolbar button
Bug #3724: composite's ports cannot be renamed from within composite--add context menu?
Bug #3766: Improve menu options in text editor
Bug #3774: Hello World demo causes UI to become unresponsive and require restart
Bug #3785: Unclear Java requirements for Kepler installer on Vista 64-bit
Bug #3802: actor icons prevent channel connectors to align straight
Bug #3803: Cannot open a workflow through the command prompt, open with, or send to menus
Bug #3899: web service actor does not work through proxy
Bug #3903: Use Java logging utilities instead of Apache commons logging facility
Bug #3915: The error dialogue won't go away.
Bug #3921: Exported KAR files do not correctly export private classes
Bug #3930: error importing hello-world tutorial actor into kepler-1.0 suite
Bug #3943: error importing more than one actor created in one suite using kepler-1.0
Bug #3944: External script editors
Bug #4002: RExpression2 - handle arbitrary R data structures
Bug #4003: Support for non-GUI Kepler installer.
Bug #4035: MoMLSimpleApplication does not filter Display actor or any GUI Kepler actors.
Bug #4039: matlab actor always stops matlab process in wrapup
Bug #4041: synchronization in matlab actor
Bug #4046: ComadTest should report more details when detecting an error
Bug #4052: Should be able to store native libraries in a kar file
Bug #4108: Do more extenstive testing before designating a revision of Ptolemy as stable
Bug #4131: Workflow Run Manager - Open in New Window allows opening same wf multiple times
Bug #4137: Workflow Run Manager - resizing width of column while in edit mode of search cell does not resize edit field
Bug #4138: Workflow Run Manager - search cell edit focus isn't lost appropriately
Bug #4254: wrapping up, never ending workflow! (PN inside PN)
Bug #4306: add command line params to the configuration
Bug #4363: wrm does not properly handle ModelReference actor
Bug #4480: can't view more than one of workflow editor, report designer, and report viewer at a time
Bug #3633: New token type: By Reference / By Value
Bug #4240: Report Designer - Menus with Copy, Cut, and Paste as related to Text Fields / Section Headers
Bug #4533: printing from the report viewer prints the workflow editor content
Bug #2123: need a way to uniquely identify actor in a workflow and locate it
Bug #2962: Add metadata to data tokens so that it can be used downstream
Bug #2964: Change RExpression plotting actors to allow custom axis and title labels
Bug #2968: Ability to join tables within same EML data package
Bug #2969: Ability to join tables _across_ EML data packages
Bug #4764: ProvenanceRecorder.changeExecuted slow after workflow run
Bug #4795: RExpression & cache cleaning
Bug #4806: add output port to Throw Exception
Bug #4809: Kepler storing authenticated search results
Bug #4810: [right click]->Save Archive (KAR) on composite actor borks port attributes
Bug #4812: local repository KAR [right click]->Delete fails when file does not exist
Bug #4815: Need a target to build kepler-styles.jar
Bug #4827: RExpression does not handle matrix tokens correctly.
Bug #4870: searching for packages with the same name from multiple sources sometimes loses results
Bug #4879: RExpression replaces ) in string vectors with } when outputting to a port
Bug #4880: RExpression cannot output matrix of strings
Bug #4881: RExpression outputs [false] for any matrix of booleans
Bug #4887: If a module is added to a configuration, the error message should include the fix
Bug #4909: Actor documentation: updates ignored, duplicate info, how to refer to other actors/models?
Bug #4930: Failing to download a dependent module still indicates success
Bug #4934: Certain non-user triggered actor icon changes are not reflected immediately in the zoom widget
Bug #4995: ant installer fails under Linux
Bug #5012: highlighted OK button in 'Annimate at runtime ...' menu item does not work.
Bug #5027: Users should be able to build installers for the Kepler-2.0 branch
Bug #5036: All workflows that do not work should be moved.
Bug #5064: Kepler 2.1 Tracking Bug
Bug #5122: Develop an approval process for patches
Bug #5123: Create an ant task to display commits since last patch of a given module
Bug #5148: Remove println from XSLTActor
Bug #5149: kar file saving problems.
Bug #5150: errors to save an actor as kar if its name has forward slash ('/').
Bug #5151: kar files are not openable if they are generated from actors.
Bug #5152: Errors when saving more than one actors in a kar.
Bug #5162: Kepler quits with JVM error (no use-case for reproducing error)
Bug #5163: Items of Interest pane in reporting cannot be used when a sensor site is executing
Bug #5177: Enhance displaying workflow in kepler server library skin
Bug #5187: GUI should make apparent unsaved changes
Bug #5189: When File -> Exit is choosen Kepler closes all workflows without warning
Bug #5192: Module Manager reacts badly to dot files in resources/configuration directory
Bug #5195: Help | Module Documentation is empty
Bug #5258: kepler start exception when soft links are in KeplerData/workflows/MyWorkflows
Bug #5267: Changing a ptolemy.kernel.util.Attribute in Kepler gui doesn't work
Bug #5268: Dragging modified version of Sinewave actor to canvas causes gui oddity
Bug #5269: Selectordialog and Case actors do not work well together
Bug #5271: No-gui mode needs a way to access private data source
Bug #5285: NPE on restart using newly created suite
Bug #5289: Change report instance margins from transparent to white
Bug #5298: rendered west and east dynamic item label problems
Bug #5299: can't drag using report designer item icons
Bug #5304: Report designer - make "+ Get Image..." button much smaller
Bug #5305: Report designer - make north and south dynamic item labels left justified
Bug #5306: Report designer - make dynamic report item label textfields smaller
Bug #5307: Report designer - fix drag and drop outline sizes
Bug #5314: Closing last workflow window closes Kepler application
Bug #5327: Need to fix documentation system
Bug #5329: Workflow Run Manager - launch Provenance Browser from run-row
Bug #5336: If a user chooses "no metadata" as output format in Database Query actor, the query result only shows one column no matter the query specifies to select two or more columns
Bug #5338: In Database Query actor, the output behavior will be different if there is no result set found when you check or uncheck outputEachRowSeparately
Bug #5339: In Database Query actor, the output port will be string type if you choose the output type to be "record"
Bug #5340: Miss a dollar sing ($) when an actor references a parameter.
Bug #5344: Kepler ships open source software and needs to include license files
Bug #5357: invocation problems with Distributed Composite Actor Options dialog
Bug #5401: Workflow archiving dataturbine data to metacat should check the last archiving time through repository
Bug #5423: Put kepler-server war file and kepler executatlbe as part of normal installation procedure
Bug #5435: passing string into a parameter for headless execution doesn't work
Bug #5474: Make the eml actor on kepler handle multiple physical representations in an entity
Bug #5482: Module manager should run patch checker before restart
Bug #5483: Another Kepler GUI will nuke the ~/.kepler/cache generated by the kepler in workflow run engine
Bug #5511: If Kepler-2.2 is running, then opening a .kar in Kepler trunk produces exceptions
Bug #5538: Eclipse uses different .class files from ant run
Bug #5541: Kepler crashes on startup with NoClassDefFoundError
Bug #5554: Build system doesn't recompile using dependencies by default
Bug #5555: Add reverse index in ArrayElement
Bug #5556: Add key bind to GUI to avoid connecting edge prematurely
Bug #5557: Replace hardcoded path separator with File.pathSeparator
Bug #5558: Add kepler-tasks target to build.xml and use depend in kepler-tasks.xml
Bug #5559: Curation Package User Manual PDF
Bug #5584: Create a Date To Long actor
Bug #5585: Add date format E MMM d HH:mm:ss zzz yyyy to DateToString
Bug #5593: use setDefaultWidth in actors
Bug #5596: Kepler UI freezes after Login Anonymously
Bug #5611: LinearModel actor doesn't handle input variables properly
Bug #5612: String index out of range in R actor
Bug #5614: Build system should not require svn binary
Bug #5628: possible to get NPE when right-clicking on kar in Components tree
Bug #5639: ant update ptolemy -Drev=stable doesn't update you to latest "stable"
Bug #5667: reevaluate how opening kars vs. XML should work from actor library.
Bug #5670: see if runtimemonitor module can be deleted, contains duplicate code
Bug #5671: Workflow Run Manager tries to connect to keplerDevRepository as a database instead of kar store
Bug #5672: java -jar sensorview-utils-1.0.jar should invoke a simple java app that prints help
Bug #5673: if user has newer version of module than exists in repository, old version will be downloaded
Bug #5674: The patch downloader dialog can fail to automatically restart Kepler
Bug #5690: problems with updateActorDocs
Bug #5692: Values not committed to actors
Bug #5693: decide on issuing patches so older versions of kepler can upload accessible items to Metacats > 2.0
Bug #5695: more automatic module update process.
Bug #5697: Workflow Run Manager can fail to Force Open a run kar that Kepler can
Bug #5721: Add ModelRepaintController to the Kepler library
Bug #5724: Display actor's suppressBlankLines parameter not working
Bug #5834: Fix Kepler Javadoc warnings
Bug #4327: Workflow Run Manager - ability to import run archives
Bug #4361: Workflow Run Manager column "Workflow Name" can be confusing
Bug #4693: Ability to save just a report instance
Bug #4746: ability to create a Site Layout report
Bug #4897: Arrow key navigation of Workflow Run Manager can stop working
Bug #4933: Improve solution to avoid ConcurrentModificationException when tagging more than 1 run
Bug #4981: RIO pdfs don't show up in the Component Library
Bug #5086: Report instance does not show in viewer after kar open
Bug #5090: Report Layout interface is confusing wrt locking and switching to old layouts
Bug #5095: test kepler and wrp for memory leaks
Bug #5175: Fix remaining issues with exporting multiple runs into one KAR
Bug #5284: Set uploadToServer to be true at configuration.xml
Bug #5330: Workflow Run Manager - include provenance trace file in run-kar
Bug #5413: large run deletion via the WRM with hsql provenance store takes a very long time and no gui feedback
Bug #5425: error when running -nocache and no .kepler
Bug #5429: improve default provenance store performance
Bug #5591: Workflow Run Manager error downloading run for which module dependencies not satisfied
Bug #5594: use input and output port icons in Items of Interest
Bug #5640: associate timezones with all timestamps recorded in provenance tables
Bug #5641: once timezones are added to provenance, Workflow Run Manager must utilize them
Bug #4741: create icons for engineering view components
Bug #4747: import & export site layout to SensorML
Bug #4750: create wiring table gui
Bug #4758: search for site components in kepler's data tab
Bug #4763: create gui to access datalogger program
Bug #4773: Data processing on the GPP
Bug #5116: add lat/lon to sensor metadata and use during import
Bug #5171: link workflow in components tree to workflow in scheduler view
Bug #5202: update existing site layout with span changes
Bug #5210: Focus stolen from user trying to drag components around during execution
Bug #5252: Plotting bugs
Bug #5313: fix Import Sensor Site and Export Site to KML menu item issues
Bug #5341: Belkin f5u409 usb=>serial dongle periodically stops working
Bug #5347: DataTurbine actor should support Start Time with sub-second accuracy
Bug #5362: Create a GUI so user can easily archive a senosr's data from a dataturbine to a metacat
Bug #5363: spanTodt performance
Bug #5364: DataTurbine server memory error
Bug #5377: DataTurbine actor fetch time outs (blockTimeout param not used?)
Bug #5400: User can specify the interval of data chunk in the workflow archiving dataturbine data to metacat
Bug #5582: DataTurbine server crashing the JRE
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