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Story #6063: ldapweb.cgi enhancements

NCEAS skin account creation needs more thought

Added by Callie Bowdish over 14 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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After creating an unaffiliated account on the NCEAS skin "Create a new account" link you get the message below. It does not give the option to go to the NCEAS online registry link.

Registration Succeeded!
You have successfully created an account on the Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity (KNB). You can use this account to share data with collaborators or with the general scientific community by downloading and installing the Morpho software package. Thank you for your interest in the KNB!

Also it does not have the NCEAS look and feel.

There is also the question of if we want NCEAS' user to use the unaffiliated account. Perhaps if they are registering in the NCEAS data repository and do not have an affiliation they should be having Nick create them an account.

There is a link to KNB and to the Morpho user guide on the text that appears after a successful account creation. We do not want NCEAS projects to use the KNB registration form, we want them to use the NCEAS Data Repository form.

I would like to see it use the NCEAS look and feel and include a link back to the NCEAS repository. I do not think we need the link to Morpho. But if we had it, it would be better if it went to the Morpho download site.


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When working on the LDAP web interface, we should keep this in mind -- the templates should be as generic as possible while still being useful.

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We've now made the text more generic so that the LDAP account creation feature can be used in multiple contexts and is not necessarily tied to the registry.

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