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12:38 PM Morpho Bug #3454: Fixing docid conflicts in metacat or local file
I did some testing on the changes that Jing added to Morpho to help with id collisions.
I think we are still having...
11:28 AM Metacat Bug #3460 (New): remove lsid section from citation section of xsl for skins OTHER than ESA
Currently only the ESA domain is set up to work with lsid. We need to delete the lsid section from the stylesheets th...


09:33 AM Morpho Bug #3454: Fixing docid conflicts in metacat or local file
Perhaps the priority needs to be fixing the conflict problem, yet I think that adding the text to the profile install...


03:51 PM Morpho Bug #3454 (Resolved): Fixing docid conflicts in metacat or local file
Having Morpho profiles information loaded on different computers can cause file conflicts. One way to prevent this is...


11:37 AM Morpho Bug #3358: Correcting invalid eml 201 document downloaded from metacat 1.8.0
this fix has been tested and works


03:51 PM Metacat Bug #3435 (New): Confusion on how Metcat searches a string which is differnet than Google
Some users expect Metacat searches to work like Google. Google works as if there is a boolean "and" between each wor...


09:23 AM Metacat Bug #3412 (New): Kml file needs work- data set points icon and points "splitting" when clicked on
The kml file that can be downloading in the Data Catalog Map (Dowonload Goggle Earth KML) pages needs some improvemen...


01:39 PM Metacat Bug #3319: Edit feature doesn't work on documents with uneditable fields
People need to be able to go back and upload a table, using the NCEAS online form after submitting the data set.


11:40 AM Metacat Bug #3396: Enable event notification feature
Here is another request regarding this. It is from Dan Gruener. "Also, we want to upload the datasets for NCEAS but s...


11:34 AM Metacat Bug #3390: Data Catalog Map and IE 7.0.5730.11 brings up pop up windows that can be a problem
Please note the Manage Add-ons window does not pop up in the process, but disabling the XML DOM Document 5.0 will bri...

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