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Allow PDF view to "pop out" of GUI parser

Added by Ryan McFall over 15 years ago. Updated about 15 years ago.

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For me at least, it's very hard to use the split pane view where the PDF is shown at the bottom. If it could be shown in a separate window, I think that would be good.

There's an option in the view menu of MainWindow to do this, but it is not yet implemented.

Actions #1

Updated by Ryan McFall over 15 years ago

Another thing that would be very helpful for the PDF pane would be to have button shortcuts to "maximize" and "minimize" the PDF pane inside of the main window.

Generally for split panes you can at least move the border. This may be possible, but broken because of the existence of the selector, as clicking on the border highlights it, but dragging doesn't do anything; this is similar to the problem with scrollbars.

Actions #2

Updated by Sandeep Namilikonda over 15 years ago

A button ("popout PDF") was added to the parser window which when clicked, loads the original document in a new window and removes it from the MainWindow.
When the new window is closed, the PDF document is reloaded into the MainWindow.

Actions #3

Updated by Ryan McFall over 15 years ago

A couple of issues: I'm not sure I like the button on the toolbar. I think that a menu option, and possibly a right-click option, would be best. Once the PDF is displayed in another window, there's not a way to get it back into the split pane. Having a toggle menu item would allow this to work nicely.

If I click the toolbar button several times, I get several windows with the PDF in it. It should restrict it so that only one window can be visible.

It might also be nice if the windows were somehow arranged so that the PDF window and MainWindow are next to each other so that one doesn't cover the other one up.

Actions #4

Updated by Ryan McFall about 15 years ago

Hey Sandeep

Let's keep track of the status in the Action class which implements this action, and change the SHORT_NAME propery of the Action based on the current status of the PDF pane. The text can be "PDF document in separate window" when the PDFPane is currently in the split pane inside of MainWindow, and "PDF document in this window" when the PDFPane is currently being shown in a separate window.

I like that closing the PDF document puts it back into the MainWindow instance already.

Actions #5

Updated by Ryan McFall about 15 years ago

I've made these changes, because I was working with the Select Text from source button when the PDF window is in a separate window.

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Updated by Redmine Admin about 11 years ago

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