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auto-embed errors for hand-error checking

Added by Michael Lee over 13 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

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It would be nice for the computer to embed error automatically, rather than a person have to enter them manually. The logic in how the computer embeds errors should be sufficiently complex that they are not too easy to find. Ideally, the types of errors embedded would be similar to errors observed to occur in reality. Perhaps after error checking has been completed for projects 88 and 89, Michael can use the list of real errors found to generate some possibilities for how to automatically embed errors.

Someone would still have to initiate the process and specify how many errors to embed, generally.

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#1 Updated by Michael Lee over 13 years ago

I will see what I can do with this in the next few days to get ready for Noah.

#2 Updated by Michael Lee over 13 years ago

The entry tool can now embed errors automatically, version v227p0206_mid6.

I still need to work on an algorithm to figure out how many errors to embed. Another nice thing is that the DBA can still embed some manual errors on top of it, because a person will better be able to look at the data and come up with things that are subtly wrong. So I did that with project 89. We will see how it goes. There's about 1 error embedded per plot now.

#3 Updated by Michael Lee over 13 years ago

Calculations are now done automatically in the entry tool to figure out how many errors to embed. I don't think this system embeds as high quality errors as a human would - I think they will be more obvious than human-embedded errors. But, the DBA can embed errors manually after the automatic process is done to add some higher-quality errors as well.

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