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PDF document being viewed does not maximize when the window is maximized.

Added by Sandeep Namilikonda over 15 years ago. Updated over 14 years ago.

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Once a PDF document is loaded into text/header/footer filtering wizard, the document does not scale with increase in the window size.

Actions #1

Updated by Ryan McFall about 15 years ago

The PDFPane does "maximize" in the y direction, except that more space is being
allocated to the instructions than are necessary. It appears that this is
because of the layout constraints in, line 82. This sets the
preferred size of the instructions panel to 20%. When the window is maximized,
it appears that the instructions panel are maintaining that 20%, even if that
isn't necessary.

In the X direction, no size change occurs, but the whole width of the document
is visible. Without trying to figure out zooming code, this doesn't seem worth
it to change.

So I'd plan on trying to recapture some of the lost y space for client
prototype, but leave the x behavior the same. (Resubmit after fire)

Actions #2

Updated by Sandeep Namilikonda over 14 years ago

By setting MessagePanelLayoutConstraints to "growx, hmax pref-20px, hidemode 3",
some of the unused white space from the message panel is allocated to the PDFPane
when the AssessmentImport window is maximized.

Is this the desired effect that comment#1 is referring to?

Is it the same as reducing the insets values on line 73 of

Actions #3

Updated by Sandeep Namilikonda over 14 years ago

The changes made seem to produce satisfactory effect. For now, I am going to set the status to "Works for me", in case, some one finds otherwise on further testing.

Actions #4

Updated by Sandeep Namilikonda over 14 years ago

The solution suggested in comment #2 seems to hide portions of BasePanel
instructions when using ImportData.GUI, which is initiated when a user tries to
import student response data!

Hence, I reopen this bug to find a more refined solution.

Actions #5

Updated by Redmine Admin about 11 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 3810


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