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Zero length documents are getting written to disk

Added by Michael Daigle almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 13 years ago.

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From jim r:

As promised, below are some DPs that return a blank page when I attempt to view them on the web. Note that in both cases I know there were issues with imported data tables (in Morpho) that failed to save to the network. I have no idea whether this commonality has anything to do with the fact that both sets of DPs now return blank pages.

Case 1: Case 2:
  • Go to
  • Search for "tatoosh intertidal"
  • Returns three DPs: nceas.953, reeves.56, reeves.54
  • Clicking to view any of these returns a blank page

(Note that there is clearly a separate issue here insofar as we have 3 separate DPs for what I assume is the same data product, but I'll check with Rick about that when he gets back from his trip. I suspect it had to do with him repeatedly trying to import and save a table.)

I'm afraid I haven't tested to see what happens if I try to access these DPs in Morpho, and I don't have Morpho here (on my home machine). But I am certain xhan.4 was opening fine both in Morpho and on the web a couple of weeks ago (though with an invalid reference to the imported table that evidently failed to save).

I'd be happy to help troubleshoot this more in the AM, over IRC.


#1 Updated by Michael Daigle almost 13 years ago

Added code to make sure zero length docs do not get written.

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