Bug #4222

Report Designer - icon for the static graphic image switches back to generic icon after a drop

Added by debi staggs about 13 years ago. Updated about 13 years ago.

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You can choose a custom icon for the static graphic image, when you select the graphic for the static image, and the report model gets the new image just fine, but when you drop another panel, the icon switches back to the generic one, instead of showing the one for the image that you have selected. The image is right in the report model, just not in the GUI after the drop.


#1 Updated by debi staggs about 13 years ago

A thumbnail version of the user-assigned image is shown as an icon for the static image, if they have selected one. Re-ordering the panels or re-rendering the layout will still show the user-assigned image, and not the generic one.

#2 Updated by ben leinfelder about 13 years ago

is it still scaling it to a square so that some images look squashed in certain directions?

#3 Updated by debi staggs about 13 years ago

Yes, it is still being scaled to a 30 x 30 square. It can be a rectangle or some percentage of the original image, but it will then make the icons an inconsistent size, something that we weren't sure we wanted. ??

#4 Updated by ben leinfelder about 13 years ago

I think keeping the proportions of the original image is better. Yes, it's nice to have consistent icons on the items of interest palette - but once I've gone through the trouble to select a custom image I'd probably want to see it as true to the original aspect ratio as possible. I think you should scale the height to 30 and then the width will follow suit.

#5 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

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