Bug #5175

Fix remaining issues with exporting multiple runs into one KAR

Added by Derik Barseghian about 11 years ago.

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In 2.1, opening a KAR that contains two workflows and report layouts won't necessarily open the report layouts.

The problem here is that the karEntryHandler open methods don't know what tableauFrame an item should be associated with when opening it. I thought I had worked around this in 2.1 by using get/setRankingTableauFrame methods to keep a reference in the WorkflowManager singleton to the tableauFrame most recently dealt with, but this doesn't (always?) work because it needs the items opened in a certain order. When this bug occurs, the workflows are both opened (and the reportDesignerPanels are associated with their respective tableauFrames), and then the rest of the entries are dealt with. What I believe the current 2.1 code needs is for one workflow to be opened, and then its items, and then the next workflow and its items. In detail: calls getRankingTableauFrame(), but what this open method sometimes needs is a tableauFrame that's been opened prior to the current "ranking" one.

I plan to release the reporting suite with the restriction of only being able to export 1 run into a KAR, so that 2 different solutions do not need to be implemented for this problem (since 2.1 and trunk differ), and so that bug this doesn't hold up the release. We can enable this functionality during the next releases, which will be cut from trunk.


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