Bug #5375

data not sent out after accumulating a large number of files in pending/

Added by Derik Barseghian over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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There seem to be a few problems associated with letting a large number of files build up in spandata/pending/ (files buffer here until the next connection to 55056, at which point they should all be sent out).

1) The main issue is that after N files (hundreds?) have built up in pending, connecting to 55056 does not cause the send to occur. At least this has happened twice to me at span r24. Connecting to 55056 w/ spanToDT or telnet makes no difference.

2) Errors in the log due to references to filenames that are simply the file extension:
50216 <<< Dequeue Data:[2011-04-05T11:40:51.670Z CR800_sq311_2 0.0000000000E+00
50217 ]
50218 current file will expired in 0 second(s)
50219 waiting pending dir become available...
50220 save data from [./spandata/current.csv] to [./spandata/pending/4D9AFFC0.csv]
50221 file: ./spandata/pending/.csv will be sent
50222 cannot open file: ./spandata/pending/.csv
50223 current file will expired in 25 second(s)
50224 current file will expired in 20 second(s)
50225 file: ./spandata/pending/.csv will be sent
50226 cannot open file: ./spandata/pending/.csv
50227 current file will expired in 15 second(s)
50228 current file will expired in 10 second(s)
50229 file: ./spandata/pending/.csv will be sent
50230 cannot open file: ./spandata/pending/.csv
50231 current file will expired in 5 second(s)
50232 >>> Enqueue Data: 2011-04-05T11:41:21.670Z CR800_Batt_Volt 1.3305263519E+01
Interestingly, pending/.csv never gets written afaict. Also, despite this, it doesn't look like data is lost, e.g. 4D9AFFC0.csv does exist and contains data.

3) At a certain point expiration times go increasingly negative. E.g.:
cannot open file: ./spandata/pending/.csv
current file will expired in -29217 second(s)
current file will expired in -29222 second(s)
file: ./spandata/pending/.csv will be sent


#1 Updated by Daniel Crawl over 10 years ago

Fixed in r27.

#2 Updated by Redmine Admin over 8 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 5375

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