Task #5945

Feature #5810: Implement SOLR-based search

Task #5921: Design and implement Metacat-Index module

Implement reindex action for individual PID

Added by Jing Tao about 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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We may need issue a command to metacat-index to regenerate index for all missed ids or just regenerate one for a specified id.

If we add the servlet API to the metacat-index, we need to have authentication mechanism here. This is not what we want. We may add the API to the metacat. But we need to find a way to pass the information from metacat to metacat-index who really build the solr index.


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  • Subject changed from Add other communication between metacat and metacat-index to Implement reindex action for individual PID

Proposal is:
-create Metacat action "reindex" that takes an identifier.
-Metacat places the SystemMetadata for that identifier on the hzIndexQueue structure so that metacat-index is notified of the event.

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This is in trunk now. You must be logged in as admin of Metacat in order to invoke it which makes a JUnit test difficult to write...
Form is: /knb/metacat?action=reindex&pid={the identifier}

If you omit the pid parameter, ALL pids are added to the indexQueue. The pid parameter can also be a list of pids.

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