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Implement SOLR-based search

Added by ben leinfelder over 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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This will be an implementation of the DataONE MNQuery() methods.


Task #5907: Integrate metacat-index build in Metacat buildClosedben leinfelder

Task #5908: Investigate EAR deployment of all Metacat webappsRejectedben leinfelder

Task #5909: Design configuration for metacat-index Resolvedben leinfelder

Task #5819: MN query for SOLRResolvedJing Tao

Task #5906: Implement MetacatSolrIndex classResolvedJing Tao

Task #5820: Incorporate DataONE indexingResolvedJing Tao

Task #5822: Enforce access control for SOLR-based search implementationResolvedJing Tao

Task #5904: Design mechanism to enforce access policyResolvedJing Tao

Task #5905: Implement access control filterResolvedJing Tao

Task #5883: Create unit tests to exercise Metacat SOLR query/index featuresClosedJing Tao

Task #5884: Document solr-based Metacat indexing in user docs (RST format)Closedben leinfelder

Task #5918: Separate unit tests from integration testsClosedben leinfelder

Task #5921: Design and implement Metacat-Index moduleClosedJing Tao

Task #5922: Modify the solr index configuration for the resource mapClosedJing Tao

Task #5923: Discover missed documents and queue them for indexingClosedJing Tao

Task #5926: Metacat-index doesn't build solr index during a Metadata inserting documentResolvedJing Tao

Task #5943: Eliminate the unnecessary Systemmetadata event between the Metacat and Metacat-index modules.Resolvedben leinfelder

Task #5944: Metacat-index need an IndexEvent and IndexEventLog mechanismClosedben leinfelder

Task #5945: Implement reindex action for individual PIDClosedben leinfelder

Task #5924: Add the configuration page for the Solr server in the Metacat configuration utilityClosedben leinfelder

Task #5927: Implements listing the query engines and fields for the solr query engineResolvedJing Tao

Task #5928: Make sure to start metacat-index web apps when the metacat web apps is start-up during the tomcat startupClosedJing Tao

Task #5930: Add a configuration property to turn on/off the indexing processes (SOLR indexing)ClosedJing Tao

Task #5937: The solr indexes of the data file contains obsoleted ids for the resourcemap and documentBy element after updating a data packageClosedJing Tao

Task #6004: Figure out why there are only 422 documents indexed in mn-demo-4.test.dataone.orgResolvedJing Tao

Task #6005: Incomplete solr index for the data objects if the resourcemap was indexed firstClosedJing Tao

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#1 Updated by ben leinfelder over 9 years ago

MNQuery.listQueryEngines() will return these engines: {"pathquery", "solr"} and we'd call MNQuery.query("solr", <solrQuerySyntax>) to get a stream of solr results back depending on the structure of the original query (might return xml or json etc).


#2 Updated by Jing Tao over 9 years ago

Where "Metacat docs" include:
-Currently indexed DataONE science metadata (EML versions, FGDC versions, Dryad)
-ORE objects
-Any additional XML schema**

**When adding a new schema to be indexed by Metacat here are some requirements:
-Metacat admin should have complete control over which xpath expressions map to which fields in the current index.
-Configuration should allow for: adding new fields, specifying the type (string, number, boolean, etc) of the field, specifying the name of the field, and mapping one or more xpath expressions to the field.
-If there is currently no appropriate field in the index, then the administrator should be able to easily add a new field to the index to accommodate the new xpath.
-Metacat should not be at the mercy of DataONE to augment the fields or objectFormats that are indexed. It should incorporate enhancements from DataONE if desired, but Metacat should be able to blaze the trail on indexing new content before the CN stack implements similar behavior.

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