Bug #601

element names in spatial modules do not follow guidelines

Added by Chad Berkley over 18 years ago. Updated over 18 years ago.

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A bunch of the element names in the spatial modules have underscores in them
instead of using camelCaps (for instance local_Georeference_Information instead
of localGeoreferenceInformation). This needs to be changed so that these
modules conform to the same coding standards as the other eml modules.


#1 Updated by Chad Berkley over 18 years ago

there are also element names that are names like they are types (for instance,
MapProjection in spatial reference). Only types should start with a capital
letter. element names should always start with lower case letters.

#2 Updated by Peter McCartney over 18 years ago

ok heres the poop

units are now set to use enumerations that force the user to use units for
angle and lenght that are already defined in the unitDictionary.
emlspatialDictionary has been updated accordingly. Chad and i debated about
whether the same unit should be defined only once in the dictionary versus the
merit of defining all of esris spellings so that we dont need to recode. We
compromised by accomplishing neither: new units that werent already in
emlUnitDicttionary kept their esri style, existing spellings were adopted, and
just to round out the picture US feet appears as both "foot" and Foot_US".

there are still units that esri defines in their software but dont actually get
used in the 2058 predefined projections. eventually those should proably get
added and the enumerations updated.

#3 Updated by Redmine Admin almost 8 years ago

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