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Make # READ events available in SOLR index

Added by ben leinfelder over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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I'd suggest using the dynamic fields we have at our disposal:
Something like "read_count_i" for the dynamicField name.

We need to add a channel for getting name/value pairs into the index that is not based on the document content, but any arbitrary code that wants to include values in the index for a given document.

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Task #6347: Create mechanism for adding name/value pairs to the solr indexClosed01/03/2014


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I committed my first attempt at this. It should probably be tested a bit more to ensure that indexing events do not unintentionally overwrite the additional field[s] added to the index that are not derived from the document or SystemMetadata. I intend to use this same mechanism to augment the index with semantic fields.

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Note that this uses our own copy of the solr schema.xml instead of the version offered by the DataONE library. I think this is okay and I have committed the same changes to the trunk of the d1 library so that the multi-valued dynamic fields will be available for our use.
While this is not strictly required for the READ events (there is only one value) the mechanism that indexes those events does generally allow for multivalued dynamic fields being added to the index. So if the schema does not have those declared, it will fail to add those updates to the index.


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