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10:23 AM Metacat Story #6437: Upgrade to SOLR 4 or 5
The main reason for updating to at least Solr 4.1 is for pivot queries. Also, Solr 5.3 is needed for the update to th... Peter Slaughter


11:42 AM Metacat Bug #7217 (New): Report on metadata creation date in metadata quality summaries
Indexing fields for metadata quality reports do not include the upload date of the metadata they are reporting on. Th... Peter Slaughter
10:30 AM Metacat Bug #7216 (New): MDQClient.saveRun doesn't obsolete existing quality documents
MDQClient.saveRun is called to upload a newly created quality document, in response to a metadata quality document be... Peter Slaughter


11:59 AM Metacat Bug #7212 (New): metacat-index missing metadata quality fields
The Spring context file ./metacat-index/src/main/resources/application-context-mdq.xml doesn't contain a bean definit... Peter Slaughter


02:11 PM Metacat Bug #7201 (Closed): Some DataONE service packages not being reported
The DataONE 'node' service requests a member node to provide a list of service packages that it supports, for example... Peter Slaughter


10:30 AM Metacat Feature #7198 (New): Format solr engine description output
The solr engine description information from DataONE has XSLT formatted output that includes a description of each fi... Peter Slaughter


04:06 PM Metacat Revision 10225 (metacat): Disable indexing of 'prov_hasSources' field
Peter Slaughter
03:15 PM Metacat Revision 10224 (metacat): Fix problem with prov_hasSources not being indexed
Peter Slaughter


04:41 PM Metacat Bug #7181 (New): Verify completeness of unit test MetacatRdfXmlSubprocessorTest
Verify that all prov relationships that are indexed via src/main/resources/application-context-prov-base.xml are insp... Peter Slaughter


03:05 PM Metacat Revision 10221 (metacat): Add check in iindex unit test for 'prov_hasDerivations' field
Peter Slaughter

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