Task #6430

Feature #5975: Implement 'Statistics' view

Create a view for each graph type so they are reusable throughout MetacatUI

Added by Lauren Walker over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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I'll need to move the donut chart code that I've completed to a new view and keep the code extremely generalized so that very similar charts can be drawn in other views in the future.


#1 Updated by Lauren Walker over 8 years ago

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I've moved the donut chart rendering code to its own view

#2 Updated by Lauren Walker over 8 years ago

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I just added a LineChartView to draw line time series charts by passing it an array of data. Styling can be customized in CSS alone so the d3 drawing is very generic. This view will be used for the upload and download charts on the user profile.

#3 Updated by Lauren Walker over 8 years ago

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There is now a View in the metacatUI for the chart titles/badges that are a SVG circle with a number in the middle with a label underneath. (e.g. the "X data uploads" title above the uploads line chart)

I can see this simple drawing being reused in other places throughout MetacatUI to display a number of some sort in a simple but interesting way. (Such as the number of downloads in the search result list?)

#4 Updated by Lauren Walker over 8 years ago

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The last chart View has been added, the BarChartView, although it could use some tweaking to get it a little more interesting (e.g. events on mouseover).

Stacked Bar Charts can also be drawn using this by passing multiple values for the same x-axis and giving them different classes to color them differently in CSS.

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