Lauren Walker



  • MetacatUI (Manager, Developer, 08/19/2013)
  • Metacat (Developer, Reporter, 08/28/2013)
  • Semtools (Manager, 11/26/2013)
  • EML (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 05/23/2014)



09:56 AM Metacat Feature #7222 (New): In the EML .xslts, take the "id" attribute set on entity elements (e.g. otherEntity) and put them in the HTML
The identifiers should be taken from the `id` attribute set on the root entity element, e.g. `otherEntity` or `dataTa...


11:09 AM MetacatUI Story #6961: User interface changes to DataONE theme
The DataONE profiles have been changed.
Here is the MetacatUI ticket detailing the changes. Primarily, the "Upload...


10:51 AM Metacat Revision 10424 (metacat): Merge changes from 2.8 branch - added a display of "Role" to the eml-party.xsl stylesheet for Associated Parties


09:47 AM Metacat Bug #7207 (Rejected): Requests to view service are not properly encoding identifiers
09:18 AM Metacat Bug #7207 (Rejected): Requests to view service are not properly encoding identifiers
From Dave Vieglais:
All requests to DataONE services must properly URL path encode identifiers that are included w...


10:37 AM Metacat Revision 10374 (metacat): Move Additional Info in the EML stylesheet to after the keyword sets
07:25 AM Metacat Revision 10372 (metacat): Show the additionalInfo under Data Usage Rights to reflect the additional info collected in the Registry


11:05 AM Metacat Feature #7197 (Resolved): Display the dc:source field from DCX metadata documents in the stylesheet
10:32 AM Metacat Revision 10331 (metacat): Display the dc:source field from dublin core metadata in the onedcx-common stylesheet


08:10 AM Metacat Bug #7182 (New): Allow partial package downloads when some of the objects are private
When you try to download a package that has at least one private object, you get a 401 - Unauthorized response. When ...

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