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Feature #6514: Retrieve facets of the geohashes for all search results and map those facets

Draw markers on the map when the geohash facet count is small

Added by Lauren Walker almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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Draw markers on the map to represent individual markers when the geohash facet count is less than 3 or so. The threshold may increase as the zoom level increases, since at the whole world view we may only want to draw markers for geohash boxes that only have 1 dataset, but at a higher zoom level we may want to draw markers when a geohash box has less than 7. Or it may depend on the total number of results found rather than zoom level.

Because no document-specific information is returned with the facets (id, title, abstract, etc.), we would either have to send another query to get that information or a generic marker can be drawn and then that info will be requested via AJAX once clicked. (That would cause a slight delay between click and info window popup though).

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Updated by Lauren Walker almost 10 years ago

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I decided to only draw markers when the tile has a count of 1. Tiles can be clicked on at the highest zoom level to see a list of Ids and titles included in that title.

Since geohashes get very small (already only about 19km wide at geohash level 4), markers get really cluttered and overlap if there are multiple per geohash tile.


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