Task #6735

Story #6724: Recreate the DataONE portal in MetacatUI

Generate a new API token on the user profile

Added by Lauren Walker about 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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#1 Updated by Lauren Walker about 6 years ago

From Matt:

Let's put the token in an uneditable text box so it is easily selectable to copy, and also provide a copy button that makes it really easy to copy via a js call (see example on github's clone URLs for repositories, or various link shorteners).

#2 Updated by Lauren Walker about 6 years ago

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Everything is done except for the copy to clipboard part. There is a widely-used code library called ZeroClipboard that uses an Adobe Flash movie in order to copy to the system clipboard. I'm holding out on adding this in until last since it's of the least importance and it's Flash...

#3 Updated by Lauren Walker over 5 years ago

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The user profile now has a "copy" button that copies the token to the user's clipboard, using the <a href="">ZeroClipboard</a> JS library.
The token is displayed in a textarea element so that users in IE<9 can still copy/paste manually

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