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[903] Methods :Cover method:review

Added by Michael Lee over 21 years ago. Updated about 19 years ago.

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Blocked by VegBank - Bug #796: [906] Methods :Cover method:connect and implement formResolvedGabriel Farrell11/13/2002

Actions #1

Updated by Michael Lee about 21 years ago

This is a more commonly used bit of data that users will want to add outside of
a plot. Also somewhat simple in implementation -- simple form linked to one or
two tables. (A bit more for community -- but this functionality is quite
central to what we're working on.)

Actions #2

Updated by Robert Peet almost 21 years ago

I assume this bug is to review a form for entry of cover method. Michael
is working on this form. I reassign this bug to him in as much as I do not
know the bug number for that task, or else I would enter the dependency
above. He can pass it back to me after adding the dependency, or finishing
the form and making reference to it in these notes.

We also need to prepopulate this with a few common methods from the ESA
stadards document, NPS PLots and TurboVeg. Perhaps that is a separate bug. I
send this to Don with the hope that he can provide the initial population of
the table to add Michael.

Actions #3

Updated by Michael Lee almost 21 years ago

current form development from MTL can be viewed at:

Actions #4

Updated by Michael Lee almost 21 years ago

this form designed and sitting in mtl webspace on tekka for evalutation purposes.

Actions #5

Updated by Robert Peet almost 21 years ago

Edit “Note that you do not need to add the full amount of Cover Indexes. Only
add the number of indexes that are appropriate for the method you are adding.”
As follows --

Notes: (1) We encourage use of established cover methods whenever possible so
as to maximize the consistency among plot records. (2) The number of cover
codes varies between methods; it is not necessary to fill out all of the lines
in the form. (3) Cover class ranges should not overlap, although the upper
limit of one class should generally equal the lower limit of the next, and the
absolute range should generally be 0-100. (4) Some traditional cover methods
have one or more low values without numerical cover limits. For these it is
nonetheless REQUIRED to assign at least a midpoint value; the traditional
definition can be provided in the Index Description. (5) The midpoint is used
in all between plot comparisons and for conversions between methods in
aggregating plots for analysis. There is no a priori correct definition of
the midpoint. As a default the mean of the upper and lower limits is
acceptable, although this does embed a bias in that cover classes generally
tend to have more observations from the lower half of the range. A geometric
mean might be better, thought there is at this time no theoretically
compelling reason for such a selection. The choice is left to the author of
the method.

Actions #6

Updated by Michael Lee almost 21 years ago

Bob's above comments are added to form :

Gabe, you may have a separate bug for implementing this form. I pass the bug to
you so that you see that a few non-substantive changes have been made to the form.

Actions #7

Updated by Gabriel Farrell over 20 years ago

Made the minor ui changes to this form.

Mike you can directly modify the JSP of this form, add check it in. For simple
html updates there should be no problems. The form here is called
AddCoverMethod.jsp and it can be sent working on beta at

Actions #8

Updated by Michael Lee about 19 years ago

changed from components that are to be deleted to "misc" so that bugs don't get
deleted with component. Sorry for all the email.

Actions #9

Updated by Redmine Admin almost 11 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 797


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