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dataset/datacart Manager

Added by Michael Lee almost 20 years ago. Updated about 17 years ago.

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#1 Updated by John Harris over 19 years ago

This is a feature request to allow a user to view all the datasets that they
have uploaded and downloaded. This will, most likely, be some sort of caching
system on the filesystem.

#2 Updated by Michael Lee almost 19 years ago

would be nice to have this sooner: too much to do

#3 Updated by Michael Lee about 18 years ago

This will use the tables: userDataset and userDatasetItem to put together piles
of anything that can be referenced with an accessionCode, normally observations,
though perhaps also methods, plants, and comms. This will be plugged into the
system after querying, you will be able to select observations and add them to a

Eventually, though perhaps not immediately, we can add the advanced features of
datasets: sharing them with other users, either as public datasets or password
protected datasets.

#4 Updated by Michael Lee over 17 years ago

Great progress has been made here.

You can: add any observation you are looking at to the datacart.

You still need to be able to:
+add all results
+add all results from one page
+switch datacart and datasets.
+DOWNLOAD datacart
+purge datacart (and startover)

#5 Updated by Michael Lee about 17 years ago

All of the last comment's changes have been made. Need to be able to manage
multiple datasets and choose which one is the datacart. Need to be able to add
other items (plants, comms) to datacart.

#6 Updated by Michael Lee about 17 years ago

can now add plants and comms to datacart!

#7 Updated by Michael Lee about 17 years ago

can now create new datacart, make old datasets the current datacart. Need to
add user's ability to rename, combine, etc.

#8 Updated by Michael Lee about 17 years ago

aldo currently supports adding a new datacart, which saves the old. Then you can
activate any dataset to become the current datacart.

#9 Updated by P. Anderson about 17 years ago

It is now possible to very easily edit the name and description of a dataset.
AJaX and <vegbank:update> were used.

#10 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 846

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