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6376 Dataset Konza seasonal summary of numbers of small mammals on the LTER traplines in prairie (1994-2011) New Normal
5995 Feature Add Most Cited section to pre-canned sidebar searches New Normal
7001 Bug Odd sidebar rendering when switching resolutions New Normal
6379 Dataset Small Mammal Mark-Recapture Population Dynamics at Core Research Sites at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico (1989-2013) New Normal
5977 Feature Port web-based data-registry to backbone/bootstrap New Normal
5958 Feature Implement Featured Data query and display New Normal
7111 Feature GeographicCoverage New Normal
6410 Bug The box selection of Geographic Coverage screen doesn't work New Normal
6995 Task Error message doesn't provide cause of error New Normal
6375 Task First Community Workshop day 3 New Normal
6994 Bug Bad call to MNStorage.update() via REST API can result in bad state and StackOverflowErrors New Normal
6380 Feature Metric: ordination (NMDS) New Normal
6973 Feature Consider giving the user special feedback when viewing data packages with many (>1000) files New Normal
6453 Bug Dock icon changes to coffee cup New Normal
6481 Bug strange issue with MultipleTabDisplay actor and with Display like actors in general (missing output port in non-gui mode) New Normal
6952 Bug error trying updating metadata on New Normal
6951 Feature Develop XSLT for ISO-19119 for Member Node Services New Normal
6852 Feature Enhance Provenance Display in the Metadata View New Normal
7116 Story Serialize an EML model to an EML document New Normal
7127 Story Allow editing of EML display New Normal
7137 Story Create a data package from scratch New Normal
7118 Story Create a new EML and its System Meta doc on a member node New Normal
7117 Story Serialize a System Metadata doc from a DataONEObject model In Progress Normal
7136 Story Add a new data file to a package New Normal
7135 Story Show data upload form to the user in the DataPackage view New Normal
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