Task #6781

Updated by Chris Jones almost 9 years ago

MetacatUI has been built up to make cross-origin calls to various services, particularly some of the DataONE search, node, and account services.    However, Lauren pointed out that IE8 and IE9 don't support CORS headers, and so these cross-origin requests fail.    As an alternative, set up a proxy service that will be an intermediate server between the client and the origin server (like the CN).    After discussion with Lauren and Ben, we thought that setting up apache mod_proxy (in reverse proxy mode) in conjunction with mod_rewrite would enable pass-through functionality.    For instance, a call to 
 will be proxied to 
 and the Response would be sent back to the client.    The MetacatUI client will still handle both XML XMl and JSON responses. 

 Our second approach would be to write a custom servlet for the proxying that would run on the server hosting the MetacatUI code.