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11:00 PM Metacat Bug #7234 (New): Validate SystemMetadata.checksumAlgorithm in the DataONE API calls
Bryce pointed out that we have many incorrect @checksumAlgorithm@ strings various MNs. See https://github.nceas.ucsb...


12:56 PM Metacat Bug #7226 (New): Perl Registry hangs on uploads
Jeanette has reported an issue where the KNB data registry is hanging when a small file is being uploaded (see attach...


09:50 AM Metacat Bug #7210: View service duplicates EML Text content
Okay Bryce - here's the list of pids that have @textType@ content on the KNB. You might want to ignore the ones that...


05:51 PM Metacat Bug #7214 (Closed): Metacat overwrites the deployDir property
On a fresh installation of Metacat, the @application.deployDir@ property value gets overwritten. This is undesirable...
05:43 PM Metacat Bug #7213 (New): Document the EZID landing page template property
Mike Frenock pointed out some issues with the @guid.ezid.uritemplate.metadata@ property. We need to add this to the ...


04:23 PM Metacat Bug #7203: Improve D1NodeService.isAuthorized() performance
I've re-ordered the authorization in @isAuthorized()@. Needs testing, and merging into the 2.8.x branch.
04:19 PM Metacat Revision 10370 (metacat): Change isAuthorized() to prioritize user authz
Re-order the calls to userHasPermission(), isAdminAuthorized(), and isAuthoritativeMNodeAdmin() such that the user au...
04:14 PM Metacat Bug #7203 (In Progress): Improve D1NodeService.isAuthorized() performance
We're seeing poor performance in calls to @D1NodeService.isAuthorized()@ on When the system M...
04:02 PM Metacat Bug #7200: Remove redundant alternate identifier form in register-dataset.cgi template
I removed the duplicated code in @metacatui/entryForm.tmpl@. Just needs to be merged into the 2.8 branch.
06:16 PM Metacat Revision 10369 (metacat): Convert System.out.println() calls
We've had these calls printing to the log on every REST call. Change them to a logger debug() level so we can filter ...

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