From 01/16/2014 to 02/14/2014


05:41 PM Task #5934 (Closed): create commdyn Git repository
Created a git repository for project software. Pushed the repository to as the origin, viewable as https:... Matt Jones
01:56 PM Task #6392 (New): Create workflow encapsulating Sid's analysis
Wrap R code in Kepler, and prepare demo. Matt Jones
01:55 PM Task #6391 (New): document and upload Sid's data to a DataONE repository
Create EML from the provided metadata, and upload to DataONE (either LTER or KNB repositories). Matt Jones
01:54 PM Task #6390 (New): organize Sid's R scripts and data
Need to compile the R scripts and data from Sid's work. Matt Jones
01:53 PM Story #6389 (New): create example analysis and workflows
Need to develop example end-to-end for the workshop. Matt Jones

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