Matt Jones





09:31 AM Metacat Bug #7234: Validate SystemMetadata.checksumAlgorithm in the DataONE API calls
The definition of the [ChecksumAlgorithm](


12:17 PM Metacat Bug #7188: MNodeService.replicate() is failing
It would be best if the stream only has to be read once to be serialized and have the checksum checked, so we don't i...
06:12 PM Metacat Bug #7188: MNodeService.replicate() is failing
Bummer that its been there a while. Such a hugely serious bug as this should have been caught by a test. I suggest ...


11:49 AM Metacat Revision 10245 (metacat): Define location of the AWS binary so the tool works under CRON.
11:25 PM Metacat Revision 10244 (metacat): Modified backup script to improve efficiency.
Now, lists of metadata and data files that were last backed up is stored in the /var/metacat/metacat-backup folder, a...


11:23 PM Metacat Revision 10237 (metacat): Add backup script to copy files to Amazon S3.


03:42 PM MetacatUI Bug #7180 (Rejected): name from ORCID incorrectly parsed
When I logged into the KNB (via for the first time with ORCID, it retrieved my name for my profil...
03:39 PM MetacatUI Bug #7179 (Resolved): incorrect password on KNB login causes tomcat error
If I (purposefully) give an incorrect error in logging in with my LDAP DN, I get a low-level tomcat error instead of ...


04:28 PM Metacat Revision 10131 (metacat): Added XSD files for the 1999 FGDC Biological Data Profile Schema.


03:15 PM Metacat Bug #7160 (Closed): replicationPolicy missing numberReplicas and replicationAllowed attributes
Fixed by setting replicationAllowed=false and numberReplicas=0 if they aren't set explicitly.

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