From 08/06/2001 to 09/04/2001


10:52 AM Bug #277 (In Progress): semantic metadata module/extensions
Need to extend EML, either by adding a new module or extending the current
entity/attribute system, so that semantic...
Matt Jones
09:39 AM Bug #269 (Resolved): resolve packaging issues
There are some contentious issues surrounding the use of packaging (ie, the
triple element) in EML. Some would pref...
Matt Jones


01:30 PM Bug #264: add distribution info to eml-resource
Done. I added the elements form eml-distribution to eml-resource, so now a
resource and its location can easily be s...
Matt Jones


09:47 AM Bug #266 (Resolved): revise attribute domain
attribute metadata describes the domain for the attributes using enumerated and
range domains, but does not currentl...
Matt Jones
09:44 AM Bug #265 (Resolved): taxonomic coverage limited to one kingdom
Tim Bergsma reported this issue:
1. Taxonomic coverage. I noticed that only a single instance of
uppermost rank...
Matt Jones


05:39 PM Bug #264 (Resolved): add distribution info to eml-resource
Need to add distribution info (url, medium) to eml-resource to accomodate the
type of stand-alone data registry envi...
Matt Jones

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