From 12/13/2009 to 01/11/2010


01:58 PM Bug #2756: Single quote characters from data are not escaped when performing inserts
We should be escaping the special characters in any value using backslash.
Not sure this is currently going through t...
ben leinfelder
12:10 PM Bug #2844: Need adding a javadoc target in build file
There is a target in the build.xml ("javadoc-datamanager-lib")
Docs should probably be included in the release distri...
ben leinfelder
11:53 AM Bug #3096: Date data type (domain) need be handled correctly
as a bug this is resolved - just a final note that format strings are crucial for datetime parsing to be accurate. ben leinfelder
11:50 AM Bug #2507: Data Manager Library: Create a EML parser lib to digest eml document
this has been completed. Moreover, it has been extended to support any XML schema that makes use of the EML dataSet m... ben leinfelder
11:41 AM Bug #2573: Data manager library need to handle binary data file format
-would this be limited to a single sheet workbook?
-would we use apache's POI library for extracting the data?...
ben leinfelder
11:38 AM Bug #2575: Data Manager Library: Support for query object API
There are Java and XML query specifications at this point.
The Java API abstracts the SQL-specifics quite well (save ...
ben leinfelder
11:19 AM Bug #2576: Data Manager Library: Database Connection Pooling
We might also want to exploit third party connection pooling resources - web app containers and application context p... ben leinfelder
11:09 AM Bug #2979: create Union query to concatenate results from multiple entities
this has long been resolved and is in use extensively in the FIRST project ben leinfelder
11:06 AM Bug #2578: Data Manager Library: Release and Distribution
We should also provide all the supporting/runtime jar files needed to use the DML. In the past (possibly when this bu... ben leinfelder
10:56 AM Bug #2737: Exception when attributeName contains SQL keywords
We should be able to wrap the attribute names in quotes to escape the reserved words. Not sure if it's standard acros... ben leinfelder

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