From 07/16/2008 to 08/14/2008


11:19 AM Bug #3470 (Resolved): Ensure vector image rasterization occurs if needed when user declines all other options
If you deselect all "ignore" pages in the wizard, next becomes disabled, and finish is enabled. This is great if the... Ryan McFall
11:16 AM Bug #3469 (New): Need a "find" feature in the MainWindow GUI
When some question text doesn't appear where you expect it to be, it would be very nice to have a find feature that f... Ryan McFall
11:15 AM Bug #3468 (Resolved): Go to top of page rather than bottom when parser interface first opened
When the MainWindow GUI first pops up, the questions list is scrolled to the last question, rather than the first. Ryan McFall
11:13 AM Bug #3467 (Resolved): Reset selected rectangles when page changes on VectorImageRasterization
With the multiple selection interface now in place, we need to be able to reset the set of rectangles on a page chang... Ryan McFall
10:36 AM Bug #3450: Need method to determine which pages contain vector images in a given PDF file
This exists in PDFExtract as the method getVectorLocations Ryan McFall


01:33 PM Bug #3457 (Resolved): Can't immediately edit new choice for multiple choice question
Clicking edit, then adding a new choice doesn't allow the new choice to be edited until the edit button is clicked ag... Ryan McFall
01:28 PM Bug #3456: Question prompts not displayed in LabelDataColumns
i'm using the following XPath expression to set the prompt for the question:
ben leinfelder
01:21 PM Bug #3456 (Resolved): Question prompts not displayed in LabelDataColumns
Question text from parsed assessment is not displayed - possibly due to the migration from question prompt to respons... Ryan McFall
01:18 PM Bug #3455 (In Progress): Show non-active data types in LabelDataColumns in a different color than the current data type
Right now all assigned columns are shown in green, which gets confusing. Ryan McFall


10:22 AM Bug #3453: Exception extracting text from doc11.pdf
PDFExtract.stripHeaders now checks to make sure there is another line of text before checking to see if it's a header. Bridger Hamilton
07:05 AM Bug #3453 (Resolved): Exception extracting text from doc11.pdf
When parsing doc11.pdf from the private/samples directory, calling PDFExtract.extract gives the following stack trace... Ryan McFall

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