From 08/15/2008 to 09/13/2008


12:30 PM Bug #3481 (Resolved): Need to be able to unselect the selected rectangle in Selector
Right now, without accepting/rejecting changes, there's no way to unselect a rectangle. Clicking somewhere outside t... Ryan McFall


06:59 AM Bug #3468: Go to top of page rather than bottom when parser interface first opened
Added line to scroll to view position (0, 0) in importPDF in a runLater block to ensure that we go to the top after a... Ryan McFall
06:39 AM Bug #3477 (Resolved): Need repaint timer for selector
Right now if the component Selector is associated with is minimized or otherwise obscured, then the selection rectang... Ryan McFall
06:36 AM Bug #3467: Reset selected rectangles when page changes on VectorImageRasterization
This is fixed by the introduction of single selection mode to the Selector class. Since VectorImageRasterization now... Ryan McFall
06:33 AM Bug #3470: Ensure vector image rasterization occurs if needed when user declines all other options
Fixed by including check for vector images in event handler for checkboxes created in createPanelGUI, and by disablin... Ryan McFall

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