From 12/10/2008 to 01/08/2009


10:28 AM Bug #3733 (Resolved): Assigning response columns incorrectly checks for numeric data
When clicking on which column contains responses, you are prompted when the data is non-numeric. This should only ha... Ryan McFall


04:25 AM Bug #3717 (Resolved): Confirm and cancel icons can be invisible if drawn selection extends beyond viewport border
If a selection is drawn all the way to the bottom of the viewport, then the icons for confirmation and cancellation a... Ryan McFall
04:20 AM Bug #3716 (In Progress): Selected rectangle can have its origin moved above the top of the document
When moving a selected rectangle, the top of the rectangle is allowed to be moved so that it has a negative coordinat... Ryan McFall


04:24 PM Bug #3704: Check Metacat against Postgres v7.4
used the datamanager features to download a test dataset from the Metacat instance that is running Postgres 7.4: work... ben leinfelder
04:03 PM Bug #3704: Check Metacat against Postgres v7.4
saved metadata and data to metacat using 7.4 ben leinfelder
11:48 AM Bug #3704: Check Metacat against Postgres v7.4
installed v7.4 on fred.
installed fresh metacat 1.9.
TODO: insert metadata from morpho
ben leinfelder
10:18 AM Bug #3704 (Resolved): Check Metacat against Postgres v7.4
DECS uses 7.4 in their production deployments ben leinfelder
03:44 PM Bug #3707 (Resolved): PDF parser exceptions on Linux
Trying to launch the parser in a Linux environment results in a NPE:
Could not launch the parser
ben leinfelder
10:06 AM Bug #3703 (Resolved): Commit original photoshop/illustrator files to CVS
The FIRST project may want to extend the look and feel for a more informational website - they'd like access to the o... ben leinfelder

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