From 06/12/2007 to 07/11/2007


05:03 PM Bug #2889 (Resolved): fileName in not getting set has two constructors, but only one sets String fileName, the variable that points to Config.xml. This ... Derik Barseghian


02:18 PM Bug #2888 (Resolved): Minimize number of 'constant' actors
Current Kepler has 2 types of Constant actors (Constant and SingleFireConstant) and 2 different 'StringConstant' acto... Dan Higgins
10:00 AM Bug #2884: 'Save in Library' not persistent (or repeatable)
Fixed persistence by adding a serialize method; corrected another bug that caused the bug with second 'Save' Dan Higgins


11:39 AM Bug #2884 (Resolved): 'Save in Library' not persistent (or repeatable)
Try putting RExpression actor on workspace and change its name. Call 'Save in Library' popup menu. New customized act... Dan Higgins


03:13 PM Bug #2880: Problem with some commands in command line actor

Try escaping the $:
ls -al | awk '{print $$9}'
That expression parses, but I can't get the actor to run anything
Daniel Crawl
09:41 AM Bug #2880 (Resolved): Problem with some commands in command line actor
I try to run a little bit complex command in external execution. the
command as follows,
ls -al | awk '{print $9...
Dan Higgins


02:17 PM Bug #2672: actor search term should be trimmed + searching with multiple terms
Trimmed the search string in 'SimpleLibrarySearcher' class.
Changed to 'enhancement' for the multiple word search option
Dan Higgins


02:16 PM Bug #2518: LibraryIndex 'read' method does not work correctly
rewrote the guts of the 'read' method to correctly recreate the tree Dan Higgins


12:27 PM Bug #2572: Export KAR can produce several actors with the same lsid
This is a problem with how we store lsids in the cache. The problem is that the generated kar file does not get cach... Chad Berkley


09:33 AM Bug #2872: md5 checksums
I assume the desire is to add checksums to both installer releases and the nightly build. Dan Higgins

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