From 08/06/2007 to 09/04/2007


01:43 PM Bug #2935 (Resolved): MetadataSource actor has no documentation
No documentation appears for the MetadataSource actor (although info is inside the source). Also need info on account... Dan Higgins
12:10 PM Bug #2934 (Resolved): File Writer prints an extra line of output to System.out
The default for File Writer is System.out. If I build an SDF workflow that consists just of sending the message "tes... Bruce Char
11:53 AM Bug #2933 (Resolved): Query Builder comparisons for strings, dates do not work
Attempt to filter data sets using QueryBuilder apparently do not work for strings (or date?). Note that date in Datos... Dan Higgins


02:49 PM Bug #2921 (New): Way to temporarily comment out actors or connections
The development canvas should allow developers to temporarily "comment out" an actor or connection. As it has been e... Bruce Char


01:08 PM Bug #2920 (Resolved): Problem adding context menus in Kepler
Context menus in Kepler are supposedly added using the file. However, I find t... Dan Higgins


01:16 PM Bug #2914 (Resolved): Broken link on a web page is mentioned on Bruce Char


10:55 AM Bug #2912: Immediate repeat of dragging an actor from tree to ws fails
Fixed an error that did not change the name(s) of 2nd, 3rd, etc. copies of moml for duplicate actors dragged to a can... Dan Higgins


04:13 PM Bug #2912 (Resolved): Immediate repeat of dragging an actor from tree to ws fails
Drag an actor from the actor tree (actor library) to an empty workspace. Works OK. Immediately repeat the drag with a... Dan Higgins


12:20 PM Bug #2850: Better Error message for missing 'R'
Added more meaningful error message indicating that R has not been installed properly Dan Higgins


02:50 PM Bug #2870: Copy/Paste of composite actors
The statement that this has been fixed in Ptolemy II doesn't seem to be quite correct. It turns out that referring to... Dan Higgins

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