From 01/30/2002 to 02/28/2002


02:02 PM Revision 950 (metacat): In method transformXMLDocument, if no style sheet registered was found for the input document, the document will be send back, rather than use util.DebugMessge to print.
Jing Tao
01:55 PM Revision 949 (metacat): Only delete some incorrect comment.
Jing Tao
01:53 PM Revision 948 (metacat): When user request a data package, the old version documents would be exported. Only export the request one.
During the export function. Every document will be check if the user has the permission to read or not. Jing Tao
08:37 AM Revision 947 (metacat): The feature of check permission before Metacat handle a "read" action. If user doesn't have permission, its request will be rejected.
After creating a DocumentImpl object. A method named hasReadPermission in that class will be called to make sure the ... Jing Tao
08:30 AM Revision 946 (metacat): A method named hasReadPermission was added. The method will check if a user has permission toread a xml document.
Jing Tao
08:23 AM Revision 945 (metacat): A new method named hasPermissionToExportPackage was added. So when MetaCat handle export action, it will check if user has permission to read the data package. If it has, MetaCat will export a zip output stream to it. Otherwise, MetaCat will be through a exception.
Jing Tao
08:18 AM Revision 944 (metacat): Code to handle "read" permission was changed in hasPermission method. The old code used old way to look up the public_access field in xml_documents table.
Jing Tao


03:02 PM Revision 943 (metacat): A new action named export was add to it. This action will export a zip output stream for a data package. In the zip output stream, meta data documents, data files and a html summary file are include. The stucture will looks like:
package----/metadata/metadata docments
----/data/data files
----html file
Jing Tao
02:56 PM Revision 942 (metacat): Two metacat util methods were add. One is getDocIdFromString and the other is getVersionFromString. They output a docid and revision if a string like str1.str2.str3. were passed to them.
Jing Tao
02:53 PM Revision 941 (metacat): A method named transformXmlDocument were overload. It transform an XML document to StringWriter using the stylesheet reference from the db.
Jing Tao
02:50 PM Revision 940 (metacat): A public method named getZippedPackage() and other relative private methods were add to this class. The public method can give a zip output stream if a docid and other parameters were passed to it.
Jing Tao
02:46 PM Revision 939 (metacat): A property named "morpho" was added. It is the path for morpho.jar. (Now, in DBQuery class some morpho package class are used). Morpho was added to cpath too. During the "install", morpho willbe copy to the target too.
Jing Tao
02:39 PM Revision 938 (metacat): In QBQuery class some classes - Triple and TripleCollection, which come from morpho package wereused. So morpho.jar was added to metacat libray. The reseaon to use these class is xml document need to be parsed and get docids' relationship.
Jing Tao


03:16 PM Revision 937 (metacat): Adding the style sheet of html file in zip data package for morpho to metacat.
So the html summary file can have the same style in morpho and metacat zip package. Jing Tao
03:10 PM Revision 936 (metacat): Adding a new doctype and its publicid="-//NCEAS//eml-generic//EN".
It connects http://@server@@style-path@/generic-morpho.xsl.
So the html files in zip data package have the same style...
Jing Tao


05:48 PM Revision 935 (metacat): Some code format problem was fixed.
Jing Tao
03:17 PM Revision 934 (metacat): The bug was fixed.
After a referral exception happend, we should set enviroment properties again before creating a contex. These environ... Jing Tao
12:28 PM Revision 933 (metacat): Removed an obsolete filter fromthe build.xml file.
Matt Jones
12:22 PM Revision 932 (metacat): Updated installation instructions to reflect the new procedures involved
with the changes to build.xml. Matt Jones
11:41 AM Revision 931 (metacat): Modified the build.xml file to make it easier to set up the configuration.
There is now a "config" target in which all of the properties that are usually
modified are located. Also, now one s...
Matt Jones


09:14 PM Revision 930 (metacat): Authentication bug was fixed (bug 408).
However, it needs to test if referral cotaining a referral. Jing Tao
11:43 AM Revision 929 (metacat): xerces.jar was update to 1.4.4
Jing Tao


05:56 PM Revision 928 (metacat): Please check it.
Jing Tao
08:10 AM Revision 927 (metacat): In order to fix bug 408 (authentication), some important variables' values
were followed. Jing Tao


09:10 AM Revision 926 (metacat): took my password out of the build file
09:09 AM Revision 925 (metacat): integrated the postgres and oracle properties into one build file. now, if you want to switch between oracle and postgres, you just change the 'depends' attribute in the 'init' target. also, I fixed the path to the servlet.jar file to match up with where tomcat now stores it (lib/common/servlet.jar instead of lib/servlet.jar).


06:03 PM Revision 924 (metacat): Modified the build file to point at the proper eml directory so that the
"getdtd" target can find the right files to be checked out. Matt Jones
11:31 AM Revision 923 (metacat): Committed changes to the build file so that it properly copies the Xalan
jar files instead of the oracle xml parser which has been eliminated. Matt Jones


10:02 PM Revision 922 (metacat): Added qformat parameter for switching css stylesheets.
Matt Jones


08:38 PM Revision 921 (metacat): Fixed bug in login.xsl that was preventing a successful xslt transform. Now
successful logins redirect correctly, unsuccessful ones redirect to the
login page again.
Matt Jones
01:14 AM Revision 920 (metacat): Set the qformat parameter so the stylesheets can use it for conditional
processing. Matt Jones
12:56 AM Revision 919 (metacat): Added new stylesheets for displaying the eml-attribute and eml-entity modules.
Matt Jones


06:07 PM Revision 918 (metacat): Changed the link urls in the eml-dataset display stylesheet to use the
default style-set as set in the build file rather than hard-coding the
value 'html'. This allows more flexibility in...
Matt Jones
03:28 PM Revision 917 (metacat): fixed error with dist target so that it now copies the source correctly

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