From 12/01/2002 to 12/30/2002


02:12 PM Bug #929 (Resolved): Occasionally, deletes are VERY slow
Sometimes, deleting a data package is very slow (> 1 min), although most of the
time metacat response to a delete in...
Dan Higgins


10:43 AM Bug #927 (Resolved): metacat needs better attribute handling
Metacat needs to be able to explicitly search by and return attributes in an xml
document. For instance, the query ...
Chad Berkley


12:18 PM Bug #926 (Resolved): access control too dependent on eml
Metacat's access control seems too dependent on EML. If I have a single
(arbitrarily or non-typed) document and I w...
Chad Berkley


12:48 PM Bug #916: bug with 'less-than' query when usng a number
TO_NUMBER function will return a number data type rather than bealon type. So
we couldn't use it in this way: "... A...
Jing Tao
11:28 AM Bug #916: bug with 'less-than' query when usng a number
How about using the oracle "TO_NUMBER" function to see if it is a number? Matt Jones

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