From 12/19/2002 to 01/17/2003


05:41 PM Bug #926: access control too dependent on eml
A new interface AccessControlInterface was created. It has generic
constants(probably some methods) for access contr...
Jing Tao


09:58 AM Bug #916: bug with 'less-than' query when usng a number
Changed code was installed in ecoinfo and it works fine.
Jing Tao
09:56 AM Bug #653: xml_access control table is not conisistent to access xml documents
There is a new feature in morpho 1.3 that it will check if access file points
every file(inluding itself). If not, u...
Jing Tao
09:48 AM Bug #933: metacat does not export single files
The changed code was merged into head and tested. It worked well.
Jing Tao


05:32 PM Bug #927: metacat needs better attribute handling
Now Metacat can support a path query whcih has attributes. The format is:
<queryterm searchmode="contains" casesensit...
Jing Tao
05:09 PM Bug #926: access control too dependent on eml
Change Milestone from postpone to 1.3
Jing Tao


02:42 PM Bug #933 (Resolved): metacat does not export single files
I noticed that when you use the export function in metacat, if the docid you
provide is not part of an eml package, ...
Chad Berkley


02:12 PM Bug #929 (Resolved): Occasionally, deletes are VERY slow
Sometimes, deleting a data package is very slow (> 1 min), although most of the
time metacat response to a delete in...
Dan Higgins

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