From 07/14/2003 to 08/12/2003


06:01 PM Bug #1130 (Resolved): System Id is changed by Metacat
When a user try to read a document which is based on dtd, currently Metacat will
send back the document with the sy...
Jing Tao


02:19 PM Bug #1127 (Resolved): marine web site enhancements
The following list was compiled when matt was at nceas in july 2003:
-make the login more friendly
-say "reposito...
Chad Berkley


02:05 PM Bug #966: Transform for eml2 documents
Create new eml2 style sheet and it is done
Jing Tao


05:41 PM Bug #1123 (In Progress): The DOM tree in EML parser probably cause memory issue
This bug may be considered as an EML module bug.
Currently, EML parser (it will check validation about reference id ...
Jing Tao
05:34 PM Bug #1122 (In Progress): XML document is a string in HttpServerletRequest object
When morpho or loadxml.html in metacat upload a xml document to metacat, it
allways stores the xml document in a pa...
Jing Tao

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