From 12/15/2003 to 01/13/2004


09:20 AM Revision 2006 (metacat): Modification of the Harvester database ER diagram. Includes foreign key added to the XML_DOCUMENTS table from the SITE_SCHEDULE table


06:37 PM Revision 2005 (metacat): Fixed hardcoded admin account so that it works with more than just OBFS
Registry. Matt Jones
05:51 PM Revision 2004 (metacat): New site list for NRS reserves in the confgiruation file from K Browne.
Matt Jones
05:44 PM Revision 2003 (metacat): Fixed registry bug involving a string comparison (used numeric
equality instead of string equality). Matt Jones


01:08 AM Revision 2001 (metacat): Adjusted the text on the NCEAS repository page. Changed the project list
so that it now displays short title but uses the long title in the
entry. This was doen because the long titles were ...
Matt Jones


06:57 PM Revision 2000 (metacat): Removed unneeded Net::LDAP dependency. Now all authentication occurs
indirectly through Metacat. Matt Jones
06:48 PM Revision 1999 (metacat): Added skin for the UCNRS data registry based on earlier work. Minor
modifications to the templates to accomodate this. Fixed a validation
bug in the register-dataset.cgi, and removed a...
Matt Jones
09:21 AM Revision 1998 (metacat): Restoring AuthLdap to previous search filter. Determined that the problem was
a missing o: attribute in the UCNRS LDAP directory. Adding it in makes the old
method work. The change I had made c...
Matt Jones
08:31 AM Revision 1997 (metacat): Fixed validation check for samplingDescription.
Matt Jones


07:08 PM Revision 1996 (metacat): Another eml.jar version with the appropriate config.xml in place.
Matt Jones
06:13 PM Revision 1995 (metacat): New eml.jar that includes the parser bug fix against eml-2.0.0 schemas.
Matt Jones
06:04 PM Revision 1994 (metacat): Changed label for NCEAS project group list on the web form.
Matt Jones
03:13 PM Revision 1993 (metacat): Changes to re-enable the nceas admindb access for the production install.
Matt Jones
11:07 AM Revision 1992 (metacat): Removed some debugging test code that isn't needed.
Matt Jones
11:02 AM Revision 1991 (metacat): Revised the registry guide to include descriptions of the new fields, and
made some minor formatting changes. Matt Jones


06:42 PM Revision 1990 (metacat): Changing version in build in preparation for a release.
Matt Jones
06:41 PM Revision 1989 (metacat): Added studyExtent and samplingDescription fields to the registry to accomodate
Sandy's request for a temporalDescription field. This is a little more than
she wanted, but it was needed to satisfy...
Matt Jones
06:18 PM Revision 1988 (metacat): Modified LDAP authentication to support a lookup for the NRS system. If
the auth on the provided string fails as a DN, try to look up a new
DN based on the UID. If we get a match, use that...
Matt Jones
05:40 PM Revision 1987 (metacat): Update result set from relation to trip.
Jing Tao


09:56 AM Revision 1986 (metacat): Removed obsolete SRB support files that are no longer used.
Matt Jones


01:57 PM Revision 1985 (metacat): Added taxonomic coverage and authority fields, and fixed a bug in reentry
with the methods fields. Now we are collecting information on all of the
additional fields Sandy requested except fo...
Matt Jones


06:22 PM Revision 1984 (metacat): Added the ability to describe taxonomicCoverage to the registry. This
allows an arbitrary number of species or other taxa to be listed, and the
editing form can dynamically grow through a...
Matt Jones
12:15 PM Revision 1983 (metacat): Added geographic description to the fields of data collected, as it is
a required field and was being improperly defaulted to an empty string in the
XML document. This is a new field for ...
Matt Jones
11:27 AM Revision 1982 (metacat): Modifications to add "Methods" collection to the data registry, and to
make the forms HTML 4.0.1 valid (in an attempt to figure out some of
the rendering and layout oddities I'm seeing).
Matt Jones
10:13 AM Revision 1981 (metacat): Changed "Document ID" to "ID" which is mroe appropriate for data packages.
Matt Jones


04:49 PM Revision 1980 (metacat): New formatting and text for the NCEAS data registry.
Matt Jones
04:12 PM Revision 1979 (metacat): Further changes to the registry scripts to support the NCEAS registry
with access to the project list fromthe admindb. Also, fixed a bug with
the script where creators were getting dupli...
Matt Jones
11:50 AM Revision 1978 (metacat): Configuration file for NCEAS registry.
Matt Jones


05:08 PM Revision 1977 (metacat): Modifications that allow working group entries to be put in as creators, and
a whole bunch of re-formatting for horribly formatted code that I need to
read to finish this thing up.
Matt Jones
05:03 PM Revision 1976 (metacat): Adding style files for the new NCEAS skin for metacat, which includes
files needed for the NCEAS data repository. Matt Jones
01:45 AM Revision 1975 (metacat): Updated registry further for NCEAS-specific needs. Confirm data template
now handles new wg field. Still need to write WG metadata into EML document. Matt Jones


05:37 PM Revision 1974 (metacat): Additional work on the NCEAS/AdminDB integration. Working Groups now
presented as a dropdown box for multiple selection. Need to write the
info to the XML file now and handle it in conf...
Matt Jones
02:58 PM Revision 1973 (metacat): Preliminary changes to support the NCEAS data registry connection to the
AdminDB to retrieve project lists. Matt Jones

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