From 02/23/2004 to 03/23/2004


10:26 AM Revision 2058 (metacat): Made changes in these three files so that getPrincipal returns back more details about users and groups. Users now contain userDN, user Name and user Email. Groups now contain Group name and Group description. So some function calls which returned single string array earlier now returns multiple string arrays. called one of these functions - so accordingly changes were made to fix that part of the code.


10:37 AM Revision 2057 (metacat): Fixed a bug which doesn't occur everytime. The bug occurs when lastid in (cfg).lastid is not unique. i.e. there is already a document in the server which has same docid. The earlier algorithm was:
while(not unique){
get accession number;
update accession number written in document; (BUG)
if e...
08:43 AM Revision 2056 (metacat): Added extra parameters (cfg & docid) to be passed on to generic response screen.


01:52 PM Revision 2055 (metacat): Set new URL for the NCEAS registry home. I forgot to commit this earlier.
Matt Jones


03:47 PM Revision 2054 (metacat): Made changes so that *.gif and *.png are copied without filtering.
03:14 PM Revision 2053 (metacat): Debug level was changed and a few extra lines were added in last commit.
Restored those to previous values. sgarg
03:04 PM Revision 2052 (metacat): Added target for installing skins. Target name is install-skin. It is dependent on init. It take skin name as input from user, creates a directory in skins directory and copies files to that directory.
10:52 AM Revision 2051 (metacat): removed sid's space and added a >> before titles, so datasets with no title will still have a clickable link on results listings. Sid's space was not visible unless the user did a mouse-over
10:06 AM Revision 2050 (metacat): added sessionid hidden fields, based on $sessid transformer parameter set by


06:57 PM Revision 2049 (metacat): made changes so that organization name for the site or project is entered before
any other creater. sgarg
06:21 PM Revision 2048 (metacat): Added space at the end of title that is returned back. This is done so that documents with no title can be clicked on.
06:02 PM Revision 2047 (metacat): Made changes in entryForm.tmpl so that it shows site list for specnet skin.
06:00 PM Revision 2046 (metacat): Adding registry skin for SpecNet.


02:08 PM Revision 2045 (metacat): Fixed the bug for sessionid storing, revision couldn't be zero and Ldap DN is case sensitive.
Jing Tao
11:45 AM Revision 2044 (metacat): In test client package, get rid of HttpClient in parameter. Because, http client has cookies and we couldn't test session id.
Jing Tao


06:18 PM Revision 2043 (metacat): Replaced Hash table with Vector of Vector datastructure in getting <param> from Query. This was done so that the results are represented in same order as they appeared in the document.
03:59 PM Revision 2042 (metacat): fixed a bug in reloading of kewords from an eml file for edit-datapackage form.
02:28 PM Revision 2041 (metacat): Made changes in the formatting display of Project list.


07:37 PM Revision 2040 (metacat): Fixed a bug in sorting of records. Now the result sent back is title sorted.
06:07 PM Revision 2039 (metacat): Fixed bug that version could not be zero in replication.
Jing Tao


11:51 PM Revision 2038 (metacat): Minor changes to allow the registry to work in the knb skin, mainly in
how to treat the 'site' field. Now it is a free-text organization
field in the KNB skin. Need to test, install this...
Matt Jones


03:21 PM Revision 2037 (metacat): Added subroutine for replacing characters that might create problem in HTML.
Specifically written for "being used in any text field. This create a
problem in confirmData template, when you speci...
12:49 PM Revision 2036 (metacat): Additional Harvester development
Duane Costa
11:56 AM Revision 2035 (metacat): Fixed a small bug.
09:21 AM Revision 2034 (metacat): Fix enter for bug 1306.

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