From 06/14/2004 to 07/13/2004


02:28 PM Revision 2214 (metacat): Modifications to make JS search functions work in the knb2 skin.
Matt Jones
01:05 PM Revision 2213 (metacat): CHnaged CVSROOT to use $USER so it needn't be modified as much.
Matt Jones
12:54 PM Revision 2212 (metacat): New URL for metacat in settings file.
Matt Jones
12:48 PM Revision 2211 (metacat): New alternative KNB skin. Duplicates much of what is on the KNB site, but
this skin can work standalone with metacat (ie, you do not need the KNB
web site to be installed). Modified the resu...
Matt Jones


04:12 PM Revision 2210 (metacat): Added images to install-skin target.
Matt Jones


10:45 AM Revision 2203 (metacat): Add diagnostic output
Duane Costa


04:50 PM Revision 2188 (metacat): Get rid of some useless code.
Jing Tao


10:12 AM Bug #162: need harvest/batch load for metacat
Update on Work Remaining:
(17) SQL Scripts
Still need testing on PostgreSQL and SQL Server.
(19) Harvest List Edit...
Duane Costa


03:26 PM Revision 2187 (metacat): Improve handling of default values.
Call fileNew() if no default Harvest List file is specified.
Improve documentation for default properties.
Duane Costa
02:26 PM Bug #1127: marine web site enhancements
this project is no longer active Chad Berkley
08:59 AM Revision 2186 (metacat): Scripts for running the Harvest List Editor
Duane Costa
08:56 AM Revision 2185 (metacat): Add documentation for the Harvest List Editor.
Display the Harvester Registration web form as a HTML table instead of as text. Duane Costa

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