From 04/21/2005 to 05/20/2005


04:02 PM Bug #2084 (Resolved): Pathquery support for temporal search on date fields
Metacat pathquery relational search modes ("greater-than", "less-than", etc.) do
not currently support temporal sear...
Duane Costa
12:55 PM Bug #1755: Install of data-registry requires cvs checkout

Saurabh Garg


03:52 PM Bug #2082 (Resolved): Use of INSTR in SQL statements.
INSTR is not a function in Postgres. And it is used by Metacat code at 2-3
places. e.g. in in getMaxDoc...
Saurabh Garg
03:47 PM Bug #2081 (Resolved): Patch to set zip filename to docid
Johnoel sent a some modification to code for action=export. The file which is
sent back to the user doesnt have .zi...
Saurabh Garg
03:42 PM Bug #2080 (Resolved): Admin should be able to modify a document
Metacat administrators are able to delete documents created by other users. They
should be able to modify the docume...
Saurabh Garg


04:05 PM Revision 2504 (metacat): Making changes in postgres db upgrade script such that instead of JDBC, SQL is used for updating the DB
02:18 PM Revision 2503 (metacat): Fixed a bug in printSQL function. The bug came into the picture for queries which involve multiple query groups and one of the query groups does a % search.

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