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08:01 AM Metacat Bug #2495: Charset bug: Internationalization
The new relase has broken the code incorporated by the team of Mr. Chau Chin Lin. I have told them that they are welc...
06:16 AM Metacat Bug #2380: returnfield system needs to implement more xpath
If I understand the bug correctly, then this functionality is already present in


12:34 PM Morpho Bug #2465: new lines are displayed in the text boxes but do not show after text entries saved

A good way of handling this would be to use 2 newlines as starting of a paragraph. So in the text boxes, any 2 conse...


10:36 AM Metacat Bug #2496 (Closed): Wrong values indexed when empty tags are indexed
The indexing code fails when the xml document has empty tags. Example of this is knb-lter-sbc.13 There is an empty p...


03:31 PM Metacat Bug #2495 (Resolved): Charset bug: Internationalization
Metacat should be modified in such a way that it can handle characters from other languages also.
Mr. Chau Chin L...


03:42 PM Metacat Bug #2467: IE auto-stretch does not display correctly with eml-2.0.0 data packages

eml-2.0.1 stylesheets will be used for displaying eml-2.0.0 namespace documents.
08:24 AM Metacat Bug #2371: Replication problem with links with '&'

Closing the bug.
08:23 AM Metacat Bug #2371: Replication problem with links with '&'

This bug is fixed. All the GCE documents in KNB database are fixed also. Closing the bug.
07:56 AM Metacat Bug #2437: Cleaner install for spatial components

Matthew is working on this. Reassigning the bug to him and retargeting the bug to 1.7
07:39 AM Metacat Bug #2377: No Default Namespace in Records

David, can you show an example where this is the case. If the EML doesnt have namespace specified then the namespace...

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