From 06/13/2007 to 07/12/2007


04:56 PM Revision 3308 (metacat): Merge the getting return fields for both elements and attributes.
Jing Tao


04:44 PM Revision 3307 (metacat): Get rid of back tracing part
Jing Tao


04:09 PM Revision 3306 (metacat): Moved delete code out JSP and into
02:53 PM Revision 3305 (metacat): Fixed bug: successfully removes related sub Doc ID's from metadata.
New functionality:
1) Updates field in FGDC metadata Doc ID with new version of Doc ID, and
2) Recurses sub-documents...


04:13 PM Revision 3304 (metacat): Add debug in query method.
Jing Tao
04:12 PM Revision 3303 (metacat): KNB default path query.
Jing Tao


11:25 AM Revision 3302 (metacat): Changed the height setting for an iframe.
11:22 AM Revision 3301 (metacat): Changes include: 1) Separate "Search for Data" between public users and logged-in users, 2) Separate "Browse Data Sets" for public users and logged-in users,
3) Ability to get a list of Doc Id's based on a specified scope, 4) Ability to select a data package or data file by ... barteau
05:11 PM Revision 3300 (metacat): Several newly developed methods providing a JSP API into metacat. Most of the new methods were developed to support FGDC metadata.
Some of the other new methods merely provide convenience to the JSP code. New methods include:
nextVersion, getFGDCd...


04:42 PM Revision 3299 (metacat): Initial checkin. Convenient xhtml snippet to be included in a JSP file, to define several input parameters required by MetaCatServlet.
Alternative to using javascript or repetitive html. barteau


12:20 PM Bug #2873: tomcat versions and java standard tag library (jstl)
Currently has JSTL 1.0 which is used by GeoServer. Should just be a matter of replacing the jar with the latest vers... Chris Barteau
10:37 AM Bug #2873 (Resolved): tomcat versions and java standard tag library (jstl)
SBCLTER has a jsp application which uses jstl. The version of jstl needed depends on the tomcat and servlet versions.... Margaret O'Brien

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