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01:03 PM EML Bug #5731 (New): parser does not recognize attribute/@id in additionalMetadata/describes
A document has an additionalMetadata section which describes a dataTable attribute. But the parser rejects it saying ...


09:06 AM EML Bug #5704 (New): update documentation for species binomials
The EML documentation needs an update to reflect correct practice when including a taxonomic species name. Taxonomica...


03:38 PM EML Bug #5615: Examine HTML skins for EML
Two SBC LTER datasets, when viewed through the LTER skins yield a blank page:


01:45 PM EML Bug #5617 (New): date time format strings need a system
EML has a formatString element that takes text strings, and the spec give several examples. Translating dates would b...
12:37 PM Metacat Bug #5616: See bug #5615 for EML
Gastil and Margaret will examine current skins on
find critical missing parts o...
11:48 AM Metacat Bug #5616 (Resolved): See bug #5615 for EML
For good Metacat public relations, it is essential that EML documents be well- and completely presented.
The EML d...
11:43 AM EML Bug #5615 (New): Examine HTML skins for EML
examine EML default HTML-skins to make sure that they reflect good EML practice, and that labels and layout are intui...


12:26 PM Metacat Bug #5518: Track down the performance issue of metacat query.
Hi -
I routinely get a timeout (or equivalent?) when querying the LNO or KNB production metacats, on indexed fields....


05:02 PM Morpho Bug #5128: access list does not show all dns in the LTER LDAP tree
The LTER network has increased the number of entries its LDAP returns, per Ben's suggestion. However, they had an add...


02:20 PM Morpho Bug #5141 (Resolved): offer a choice to "cancel" from any save
when a user choose to save a data package, there is usually not an option to cancel out of the operation.
1. For ex...

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