From 04/08/2008 to 05/07/2008


03:41 PM Revision 3818 (metacat): Modify the delete xml_index table query.
Jing Tao


04:51 PM Revision 3817 (metacat): Add a new target to run the patch which will correct eml201 documents.
Jing Tao
04:47 PM Revision 3816 (metacat): Add code to execute sql command and finish the task.
Jing Tao
04:10 PM Revision 3815 (metacat): Fixed syntax error: no ; at an end of import statement.
Jing Tao


05:18 PM Revision 3814 (metacat): A class to correct invalid eml201 documents. Metacat 1.8.0 and ealier version points incorrect eml-resource.xsd. We need fix eml documents.
Haven't done yet. Jing Tao


08:49 PM Revision 3808 (metacat): New version of KNB architecture diagram, in OmniGraffle and PNG formats, with subset diagrams for morpho, metacat and web in png formats.
Matt Jones


04:07 PM Revision 3807 (metacat): Separate eml201 schema (RELEASE_EML_2_0_1) and style tag (RELEASE_EML_2_0_1_UPDATE_6).
Jing Tao


03:43 PM Revision 3806 (metacat): use CDATA when calling the insertTemplate...() javascript methods.
ben leinfelder
03:10 PM Revision 3805 (metacat): include contextURL parameter (part of token elimination)
ben leinfelder


06:05 PM Revision 3799 (metacat): Add a new class will build query result able in advance. It has been done yet.
Jing Tao
03:21 PM Revision 3798 (metacat): Change the eml-201 tag from update 5 to update 6.
Jing Tao


10:03 AM Revision 3797 (metacat): include leading slash for default ascii view xsl (needs to work in cases where the doctype mapping is not found)
ben leinfelder
10:03 AM Revision 3796 (metacat): use the ROOT knb web application path of the search box and header inclusion.
ben leinfelder
10:02 AM Revision 3795 (metacat): use the configured knb site url rather than a hardcoded value for the redirect (since we have it in the properties now)
ben leinfelder


06:46 PM Revision 3794 (metacat): include leading slash in the default-style xsl path
NOTE: this should be corrected in all the qformat.xml files that the skins use ben leinfelder
06:39 PM Revision 3793 (metacat): add servletURL parameter (part of token-eradication project)
ben leinfelder
06:35 PM Revision 3792 (metacat): add contextURL parameter (part of token-eradication project)
ben leinfelder
06:31 PM Revision 3791 (metacat): add support for FGDC document display for the knb skin
see bug 3146 ben leinfelder
06:03 PM Revision 3790 (metacat): based on what jing found with the sanparks search performance issue, his comment for sanparks applies for this saeon file too:
"Changing search field from idinfo/keywords/theme/placekey to placekey" ben leinfelder
05:19 PM Revision 3789 (metacat): add support for FGDC document display for the knb skin
see bug 3146 ben leinfelder
05:17 PM Revision 3788 (metacat): use consistent table attributes (100% width and 0 cell spacing) so that KNB skin looks better when displaying fgdc documents
ben leinfelder
11:27 AM Revision 3787 (metacat): use "placekey" (without additional leading xpath) because that is in the indexPaths of the build properties (and is used for other searches.
should improve performance.... ben leinfelder


06:30 PM Revision 3786 (metacat): Fixed a bug pathexpr was modified if pathexpr is an attribute.
Jing Tao


05:10 PM Revision 3785 (metacat): Add new path index in - dataset/dataTable/physical/distribution/online/url/@function
Jing Tao

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