From 09/03/2009 to 10/02/2009


01:12 PM Revision 5073 (metacat): Remove commented out sections
01:11 PM Revision 5072 (metacat): Add authorization functionality
01:07 PM Revision 5071 (metacat): Change sanparks skin to log in with browser session instead of metacat client session so session can be validated on other pages.
12:59 PM Revision 5070 (metacat): Add user name to SessionData object


03:20 PM Revision 5069 (metacat): use arguments for the main() method - hardcoded URLs and test docids are poor form
ben leinfelder
03:04 PM Revision 5068 (metacat): choices for metadata tags to include:
1-10, increments of 1; 11-50 increments of 10 ben leinfelder
01:28 PM Revision 5067 (metacat): add "responsefile" column as data in the transpose ben leinfelder
12:12 PM Revision 5066 (metacat): return InputStream instead of Reader in the MetacatClient read() and readInlineData() methods. Can now handle binary data ben leinfelder


10:09 AM Revision 5065 (metacat): include input selection for the number of metadata fields to download ben leinfelder
09:20 AM Bug #4420 (Resolved): Enforce permissions for tpc workflow viewing and scheduling
The existing squery functionality handles the visibility of workflows for the appropriate users.
The schedule li...
Michael Daigle
08:56 AM Revision 5064 (metacat): include more than just the first metadata field for questions ben leinfelder


09:36 AM Revision 5063 (metacat): include download link instead of an ecogrid pointer ben leinfelder


04:30 PM Revision 5062 (metacat): include ecogrid link to the external file in downloaded data
ben leinfelder
01:36 PM Bug #4405: PISCO, KNB and LTER have different query result for SBC datasets.
After rebuilding the index (through metacat servlet API), margaret confirmed that knb and lter have the same (correct... Jing Tao


12:41 PM Revision 5061 (metacat): do not search across items when simply "browsing all"
ben leinfelder
12:38 PM Revision 5060 (metacat): comment out a debugging alert() call
ben leinfelder
12:23 PM Bug #4405: PISCO, KNB and LTER have different query result for SBC datasets.
This bug may relate to bug 4367 Jing Tao
12:22 PM Bug #4405 (Resolved): PISCO, KNB and LTER have different query result for SBC datasets.
> > > On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 10:18 AM, Margaret O'Brien <> wrote:
> > >
> > > > Hi metacat dev -
Jing Tao


10:09 PM Revision 5059 (metacat): use keyword field for both assessments and assessment items
remove unused query options that were in place for the mock up UI
ben leinfelder
04:53 PM Revision 5058 (metacat): search across _items_ as well as assessments
note: you can switch this feature off using the checkbox prov...
ben leinfelder


03:12 PM Revision 5057 (metacat): Add session validation to metacat tpc and workflow scheduler. Fix sanparks skin session management so it always uses the logged in session id.
03:08 PM Revision 5056 (metacat): Make some error messages more understandable
10:15 AM Bug #4368 (New): The response page is confusing after calling "buildindex" command
I used web browser to call "buildindex" command to metacat. "buildindex" command DID work. This is good. However, my ... Jing Tao
10:09 AM Bug #4367 (Resolved): metacat didn't update xml_path_index table while a document was updated
Hi Jing:
Marissa Bauer, working on the POD project, created a new data package
using Mo...
Jing Tao


04:23 PM Revision 5055 (metacat): change to DM that preserve the order of the attributes being selected
ben leinfelder
02:23 PM Revision 5054 (metacat): include latest datamanager changes - notably the performance enhancement regarding attributes and table creation
ben leinfelder
01:47 PM Revision 5053 (metacat): add performance debugging statements for dataquery action
ben leinfelder

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