From 09/25/2009 to 10/24/2009


11:12 AM Revision 5091 (metacat): Create access dao and centralized db access classes. Update create access code to combine access records for principal/doc/accesstype when multiple exist.
11:10 AM Revision 5090 (metacat): Move access control source to it's own directory.
11:10 AM Revision 5089 (metacat): Move access control source to it's own directory.
11:08 AM Revision 5088 (metacat): Create workflow access pages


03:55 PM Revision 5087 (metacat): correct the metadata matrix for "transposed" data download ben leinfelder
02:53 PM Revision 5086 (metacat): order the unions by width
addresses this bug:
ben leinfelder
02:53 PM Revision 5085 (metacat): order the unions by width
addresses this bug:
ben leinfelder
02:51 PM Revision 5084 (metacat): order the unions by width
addresses this bug:
ben leinfelder
10:42 AM Revision 5083 (metacat): include at least one metadata field and then include any that are additional (_2, _3....etc)
bug #4452 ben leinfelder


03:01 PM Revision 5082 (metacat): Add ability for doc owner to add user access to workflows.


10:35 AM Bug #4442 (New): Spatial indexing should not run and block metacat
spatial indexing runs after a fresh install the first time someone accesses metacat servlet. It blocks any calls unt... Michael Daigle
09:29 AM Bug #1692: Metacat client library: handle binary data and return strings for simpler interface
Now using Input Stream returns so that binary data is handled properly ben leinfelder


02:00 PM Bug #4437 (New): allow-public-read rule is not being honored
This EML201 doc: knb-lter-sbc.3.7 contains 4 datatables. It has a dataset level access tree which includes an allow-p... Margaret O'Brien
01:58 PM Revision 5081 (metacat): allow user to specify the data columns included for the transpose data set (score, response, response file).
decided in today's CC ben leinfelder
10:59 AM Revision 5080 (metacat): Only allow workflows with kars that have user write permissions to be scheduled.
10:58 AM Revision 5079 (metacat): Add authorization check before scheduling a job in the workflow scheduler
10:57 AM Revision 5078 (metacat): Change RequestUtil forwardRequest() method to throw MetacatUtilException.
10:56 AM Revision 5077 (metacat): Include the authorization service stub jars in workflow scheduler build
10:55 AM Revision 5076 (metacat): Change RequestUtil forwardRequest() method to throw MetacatUtilException.
10:53 AM Revision 5075 (metacat): submit a form into a div via ajax using either form id or form object
10:52 AM Revision 5074 (metacat): move worflow page sections from common into the sanparks skin files


01:12 PM Revision 5073 (metacat): Remove commented out sections
01:11 PM Revision 5072 (metacat): Add authorization functionality
01:07 PM Revision 5071 (metacat): Change sanparks skin to log in with browser session instead of metacat client session so session can be validated on other pages.
12:59 PM Revision 5070 (metacat): Add user name to SessionData object


03:20 PM Revision 5069 (metacat): use arguments for the main() method - hardcoded URLs and test docids are poor form
ben leinfelder
03:04 PM Revision 5068 (metacat): choices for metadata tags to include:
1-10, increments of 1; 11-50 increments of 10 ben leinfelder
01:28 PM Revision 5067 (metacat): add "responsefile" column as data in the transpose ben leinfelder
12:12 PM Revision 5066 (metacat): return InputStream instead of Reader in the MetacatClient read() and readInlineData() methods. Can now handle binary data ben leinfelder


10:09 AM Revision 5065 (metacat): include input selection for the number of metadata fields to download ben leinfelder
09:20 AM Bug #4420 (Resolved): Enforce permissions for tpc workflow viewing and scheduling
The existing squery functionality handles the visibility of workflows for the appropriate users.
The schedule li...
Michael Daigle
08:56 AM Revision 5064 (metacat): include more than just the first metadata field for questions ben leinfelder


09:36 AM Revision 5063 (metacat): include download link instead of an ecogrid pointer ben leinfelder

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