From 04/04/2010 to 05/03/2010


05:23 PM Revision 5335 (metacat): added a test for CrudService and added tests for IdentifierManager for each method
03:28 PM Revision 5334 (metacat): refactoring to remove duplicate code
03:05 PM Revision 5333 (metacat): adding a system to track system metadata documents for dataone


09:14 AM Revision 5332 (metacat): Added initial implementation of getSystemMetadata and its associated REST service. Current implementation is returning a hardcoded system metadata document -- need to look up the real document for each guid and return that.
Matt Jones
01:28 AM Revision 5331 (metacat): Completed main parts of CrudService.create(). Now the method writes both data and metadata objects along with their system metadata, and handles the mapping between global identifiers and local identifiers. Access control and logging still need to be dealt with to properly authenticate and then log activities.
Matt Jones
12:56 AM Revision 5330 (metacat): Updating build to properly clear temporary export directory before doing svn export.
Matt Jones


07:04 PM Revision 5329 (metacat): Modify CrudService to write SystemMetadata to disk with an autogenerated localId and an autogenerated GUID. Validation depends on the DataONE schemas being setup in xml_catalog properly, so still need to check upgrade scripts to be sure these new schemas are added. Still need to handle the metadata document insert, but should be same as system metadata insert.
Matt Jones
07:01 PM Revision 5328 (metacat): Add support for getting the DataONE schemas from SVN and copying them into metacat's schema catalog. Still need to update the oracle scripts as well.
Matt Jones
06:55 PM Revision 5327 (metacat): Added comment about MIME form processing.
Matt Jones
06:54 PM Revision 5326 (metacat): Refactored schema service to call doRefresh() in constructor to eliminate code duplication.
Matt Jones
06:52 PM Revision 5325 (metacat): Added note on TODO for access bug.
Matt Jones


03:24 AM Bug #3835: design and implement OAI-PMH compliant harvest subsystem
I would be curious to hear what is the status of these developments now? We are very much looking for them.
My view ...
Hannu Saarenmaa


04:11 PM Revision 5324 (metacat): replication of guids now works. tested this for both forced replication and update/insert/delete triggered replication
02:25 PM Revision 5323 (metacat): fixed bug where guid end tag wasn't getting printed
12:29 PM Revision 5322 (metacat): added a method in IdentifierManager to get a guid from a docid and rev. added fields in the documentinfo replication document to pass the guid. now need to handle the guid and insert it into the table if its found


04:54 AM Revision 5321 (metacat): Add 'metacat/lib/oaipmh' directory to the list of required jar files in the 'Set up Metacat Dependencies' section.
Duane Costa


10:14 PM Revision 5320 (metacat): Refactored metacat to use dataone-service-api-0.3.0 jar file, with the new JIBX generated types and serialization. Included JIBX runtime jar in metacat to handle serialization and deserialization of SystemMetadata objects. Removed the old API jar file.
Matt Jones
04:51 PM Revision 5319 (metacat): Modifications to support the DataONE service API version 0.1.0. For DataONE, the get() and
create() services are partially complete. Several more functions and checks need to be added to
create() before it i...
Matt Jones


09:47 AM Revision 5317 (metacat): Add a debug statement to show existing doc id
09:43 AM Revision 5316 (metacat): Move all user images into the dev image directory. Remove all but the MetacatAdministratorsGuide from the user dir.


11:31 AM Revision 5311 (metacat): Merge 1.9.2 changes back into the trunk


01:27 PM Bug #4907: Replication error stops insert/update of valid EML document
It took a few days to realize what was going on here, but now we think we see the issue. The document's "home server"... Duane Costa


01:19 PM Bug #3894: Document metacat eclipse dev setup
Documented in docs/dev/metacat-eclipse-project.html Michael Daigle


11:51 PM Revision 5304 (metacat): Updated to use new name of dataone service API module.
Matt Jones


06:03 PM Revision 5302 (metacat): Adding commons-io jar for the IOUtils utilities for stream manipulation.
Matt Jones
05:58 PM Revision 5301 (metacat): Modified ResourceHandler to return error codes in XML format for the get() method.
Matt Jones

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