From 07/20/2011 to 08/18/2011


04:24 PM Revision 6382 (metacat): Insert system metadata after the data object is inserted.
Chris Jones
07:04 AM Revision 6381 (metacat): Fix bug in updateSystemMetadataFields() where guid is set from the wrong parameter in the prepared SQL statement.
Chris Jones


10:46 AM Revision 6378 (metacat): latest D1 jars - changes include:
updateSystemMetadata() impl for CN
new identifier methods (generate is its own method)
removal of the resourceMap poi...
ben leinfelder


10:40 AM Revision 6377 (metacat): remove ORE mapping from system metadata
ben leinfelder
08:14 AM Revision 6376 (metacat): Update the d1 common java jar to include the changes to BaseException, and update MNodeService.synchronizationFailed() to use the BaseException.getNodeId() method to report which node the exception came from.
Chris Jones
05:11 PM Revision 6375 (metacat): include obsoletes and obsoletedBy for system metadata
repurpose the "provenance" table as the ORE mapping table for system metadata ben leinfelder


11:43 AM Revision 6374 (metacat): updated jars after recent schema changes (no real change for us here)
ben leinfelder
11:10 AM Revision 6373 (metacat): use correct enum method
ben leinfelder
10:51 AM Revision 6372 (metacat): refactor Constants
ben leinfelder
10:50 AM Revision 6371 (metacat): refactor Constants
ben leinfelder
10:48 AM Revision 6370 (metacat): refactor Constants and ServiceTypeUtil
ben leinfelder
10:44 AM Revision 6369 (metacat): use NodelistUtil
ben leinfelder
10:11 AM Revision 6368 (metacat): use correct enum method
ben leinfelder
10:10 AM Revision 6367 (metacat): remove ServiceTypeUtil - replace with TypeMarshaller
ben leinfelder


04:25 PM Revision 6366 (metacat): use new "v1" types from DataONE
ben leinfelder


04:03 PM Bug #5443: pathquery does not handle 'matches-exactly' or 'equals' searchmode values correctly
I've added this to the 1.9.5 Metacat branch ben leinfelder


03:05 PM Revision 6363 (metacat): exclude non-test cases (d1)
ben leinfelder
03:00 PM Revision 6362 (metacat): remove CrudService -- replaced by MNodeService and CNodeService
ben leinfelder
02:52 PM Bug #5443: pathquery does not handle 'matches-exactly' or 'equals' searchmode values correctly
I've changed this in trunk (targeted for 1.10 release) - it should honor the searchmode used for the query term. ben leinfelder
02:51 PM Revision 6361 (metacat): handle more than "contains" searchmode when using the path index for queries ben leinfelder
02:48 PM Revision 6360 (metacat): remove CrudServiceTest reference in main Metacat test (about to remove from svn)
ben leinfelder
01:51 PM Revision 6359 (metacat): -handle NotFound object format when generating system metadata
-improve EML DML for null entity/attribute elements ben leinfelder
11:39 AM Revision 6358 (metacat): use the ObjectFormat Id (not toString()) to check against the configured science metadata formats
ben leinfelder
11:38 AM Revision 6357 (metacat): reset object input stream (testGet)
check for reserveIdentifier NotImplemented (expected) ben leinfelder
11:37 AM Revision 6356 (metacat): merge changes from 1.9.5 branch that read site docs from SVN not a defunct LTER server
ben leinfelder

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